First Letter from China

Hello Family from Hong Kong!!!

Well, I am finally here! I just barely met my new companion and trainer. His name is Elder Parker from Salt Lake. He is a very nice person and has already helped me so much. I am looking forward to being his companion for the next 12 weeks!

Ok so this is what has happened since I got here. I got off the plane and I was all excited to go talk to someone in Cantonese. So I went up to a man and started chattting at him. Then he started speaking back at me…. in mandarin….. It was pretty awkward. I learned how to say that I don’t speak mandarin. It was a great start to my talking to people. We walked through customs and President and Sister Chan were sitting there waiting for us. He gave us a big asian hug, and she shook our hands. They are both so very nice. We then got in her van and she drove us to the mission home.

Driving here is crazy. They all drive on the wrong side of the road and go so fast. I looked and freaked out when I saw her going 120 MPH (then I realized it was KPH) freaked me out a little bit. To get from the airport to Kowloon where the mission home is, you have to cross this huge bridge…. Like a massive bridge. It is the same style as the Golden Gate bridge but like 3 times as long. The top road is for traffic and the bottom one is for the subway. Unless there is a typhoon then they close off the top one because of the swaying! haha. So we got to the mission home which is right across the street from the temple. It is amazing. That night we had personal interviews with the mission president then went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up and went to breakfast. The food here is so good. I have taken your challenge mom and tried everything offered to me so far. I have only tried 3 wierd things. The first one is a little fruit about the size of a grape called yellow skin. It has a little pit on the inside and is super sour. After I ate it my mouth went numb. I didn’t really like it that much. Then I also had some noodles that have mushrooms, and chicken, and different cow part (I think I saw an eye in there). It wasn’t too bad, just really slimy. Lastly, I tried red bean smoothies. Pretty much it is water, cooked beans, and ice cream blended together. It was pretty aweful! haha but I am loving everything else. I also tried dragon fruit which was way good.

It is very hot here, and very humid. whenever you walk outside you are automatically wet. It is hot, but it isn’t even bothering me that badly. This place is amazing. It is so big (tall) and there are so many people. It is so beautiful right on the water. We just walked through a shopping center on the way here, and there are random things everywhere. It is like china town x 1000000 (that is one million nathan) I love it here.

It is crazy how some people hate us and some people just love talking to us. I only understand a small percent of what people are saying to us, but it is amazing. I already taught a lesson to a man yesterday. He only speaks english, so that was nice for my first lesson. He agreed to come to church on sunday and he wants a copy of the book of mormon. He was so willing to listen to our message, and it is amazing how God prepares people.

Ok here is my funny story time. We were going to get on the MTR (subway) and it was super packed. Me and Elder Jackson who was with me in the MTC were at the back of the group getting on. The door closed before we could get on, So I just smacked the door with my fist and they opened back up for us. It was a pretty close call and we all had a pretty good laugh after.

Ok one more funny story. Last night we were helping some sisters with an english class (one of the things we do to find new investigators) A man was talking to Elder O’Gara and he saw me and Elder Groesbeck on the other side of the room. He then said to elder O’Gara, “Those two men are handsome, tell them to come over here so I can meet them.” So Elder O’Gara had the two of us come over. So we talked to him for a little bit and he kept saying how handsome we are and how we both look like movie stars…. I always knew chinese women had a thing for American men, but I never thought I would be hit on by a chinese man first. He then gave us his number and told us that he wanted to sit down and have coffee and tea with us sometime. It was…. very awkward. Luckily I am not in that area anymore, or else stanley would come find me!! hahah

Well those are my Hong Kong stories so far. I am sure there will be many more to come. Hope you are all doing awesome. It was so good to talk to all of you on the phone. Sorry it wasn’t very long. Our plane landed on the other side of the airport then we had to re go through security again, so that killed most of our time. I am doing great and loving it over here. I hope you all have an amazing week! LOVE YOU ALL



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