The Level 10 Typhoon


Hello my super amazing friends and family,

This week has been pretty crazy! On monday, we all had to go back to our apartments early because a typhoon was coming. It was so crazy running back to the apartment with car bumpers flying everywhere and rain is pouring so hard. It was kind of scary but also kind of fun. There was even a couple times where the wind was so strong that I had to grab onto a pole to stop myself from being blown over. The typhoon got to a level 10 during the night which is the biggest a typhoon can get. It was pretty crazy. The next morning we weren’t allowed to leave the apartment until the afternoon. When we did go outside, it was crazy. Tons of trees were blown over and there were tin huts that had collapsed and so much garbage and random stuff all over the place. It hasn’t stopped raining since. There have been lots of flood warnings in the Northern part of Hong Kong. None of the missionaries got hurt. There was only one broken window in an apartment. It was a pretty intense monday.

We were going to hike to this beach today as a zone, but because of the heavy rain we had to cancel. It kind of sucks, but now we are having a fun party at a church instead. It was a pretty good week this week. Yesterday in particular we had so many miracles. I love the Hong Kong people. The other day we were passing a fruit stall and the man loved how happy we were so he gave us a bunch of free peaches and apples and other fruit. It was so awesome. Our relationship with the ward is starting to grow, we have started to meet individually with the different families and see if we can improve our relationship with them.

The other day a little chinese boy taught me how to play chinese chess. It is pretty fun. I will have to teach you all when I get back home. I also learned how to play this other chinese card game… It was really weird and I didn’t like it as much, but hey when in Rome… or China! haha

So there are these little alleys here in Hong Kong where you can buy different meat or fruit. They smell awful, because all of the animals are still alive when you order them. They have giant tanks of fish, frogs, snakes, chickens, and giant pieces of meat just hanging around. It is pretty nasty, but way funny. I have taken a picture that I will send home.

So there is a missionary here, that says she know Alex. She went to Springville high school and graduated the same time as Jake. She said that alex played the piano one time while she sang. Her name is Michelle Lier. She is so cool. Just wanted to see if any of you know her. Also Alex, do you know of any way to break the area code on DVDs so if I buy one here in Hong Kong I can make it work in america? just a little question I had.

On that last memory card you sent pack, with the pictures and the video, there were some of my pictures left on there and I don’t know if you already put them onto the computer. Can you let me know if I can delete them or not? Thanks! Also if you have any ideas of how I should get pictures home to you, let me know.

So how was Batman? There have been so many posters and buses that have batman and spiderman all over them? I heard somewhere that they canceled all showings in america. I don’t know if that is true. It is so sad that one man ruins it for so many people.

Jake, how was your roadtrip? sounds like you went with some crazy people. Hope you had a good time. Nathan, how is the “summer bucket list” coming along? I want to see some pictures. How did the golf course one go? haha

I didn’t give a talk last week, I found out it is this week, so I am all prepared, hopefully it goes great! In other wards, they just make the new missionaries get up and bear their testimony, I get a whole talk! haha I am pretty excited. I am not too worried. Our ward is very small so I have talked in chinese in front of more people. The language is coming along. I can understand and say more every day, so that is what matters, continual progression.

We actually have two investigators right now who are fairly close to accepting baptism. One is named Anders. He says he believes everything we have taught him, but he just wants to finish the entire book of mormon before he commits to a baptism date. That is good, but he is reading very slow, so we are helping him come to a decision faster. The other one is named Allesandro. He really likes to talk with the missionaries, and the other day he told us he wants to come to church, so hopefully he will progress pretty fast.

There is also this other investigator. His name is Jackson. Jackson is very special, he was one of the first people that I actually got to teach. He walked into the church with his friend wanting to learn more about our church. He was very prepared and had so many questions. We gave him a book of Mormon and set up a time to meet with him again. The only problem was that his friend doesn’t like our church. So that night his friend called us and said that jackson didn’t want to meet with us again. We called Jackson about a week later, and found out that his friend told him so many lies about our church. We cleared up those lies and fixed the damage done. The really cool thing is, when his friend told him to get rid of all the fliers we gave him, he through all of them away except for the book of Mormon. He said he just had a weird feeling that he needed to keep it. He is in Thailand now for a couple of weeks, so I don’t really know how he is doing, but we told him to read it while he is gone, and hopefully he will want to meet with us when he gets back. So those are our main investigators we are working with right now.

For the man bringing the package, he has to drop it off at the mission office. It is right across the street from the temple. We aren’t allowed to get any letters or packages unless it goes through the mission office first. So they don’t even give us our home address. Sorry.

Well, I love you all so much. I am so glad that you all support me so much. I don’t know what I would do without you. I can literally feel the prayers that you all say for me. It gives me strength to fight another day. The Lord pushes us, but always gives us a boost right when we need it the most. He is always there for us, just a simple prayer away. Just think for a minute. We are all literal children of the most powerful person in the entire universe. We are all children of divine royalty. He asks us to pray to him and give him all of our trial, weaknesses, sins, happiness, joy, and everything else we face to he can help make our load lighter. He is there! He loves each and every one of us and will do anything we need so we don’t fail. We are winning and we will continue to win. We will not lose this fight, if we just keep fighting until the end. Chi sau dou di (endure to the end) That is my challenge for all of you. Always remember your God and what he has given you, what he will give you, and the assurance that you never have to be alone. never give up!

Love, Elder Bubba



"These are my friends. We are tight!"



Hello family, 


Can you believe that another weeek has come and gone by? It is crazy how fast time is flying now that I am getting the hang of things. Yes, it is very hot. I have always been good with the heat, but this is a different type of heat, this is wet heat! The past couple of days it has been raining. It is nice to have it feel slightly cooler, but the rain also makes it feel even more humid. We do have air conditioning in our apartment, we get to have it on for 12 hours a day. So about long enough to sleep, eat breakfast, do a little study, then leave. Then when we get back home it is all hot again. My apartment is actually pretty big for Hong Kong. It is one of the newest apartments in the mission, so I have been pretty lucky. The only one that is nicer, is the apartments in the temple. My surroundings are weird, because I can’t just say I am in a town or something, because everything is a city here. In the distance I can see a couple of mountains if the pollution isn’t too bad. We also have a pretty sweet turtle pond by our house. It is pretty sweet. We are on the 3rd floor so it isn’t too bad. On our P-days, we play a lot of basketball, email, write letters, we can go hiking, or go to the beach (we can’t swim, but the beach is on the approved list haha). Pretty much, since Hong Kong is so compact, we can do practically anything that isn’t too dangerous.


So today I got to go through the temple for the first time here in Hong Kong. It is so beautiful inside. President Hinckley knew what he was doing when he designed that temple. The inside is small. The endowment room is probably half the size of provo. It is such an amazing experience and It was a much needed seperation from the crazy world of Hong Kong. 


I am so excited for Emily. I told everyone in the MTC before I left that she was coming in, so they needed to look out for her and treat her really good. I know how she is feeling right now, probably really nervous and there is so much flying at her, but it is so worth it. Which mission is she going to? Every one of the Phillipeano’s that I talk to ask where she is going, but I always forgt to ask you. Can I get her address so I can write her? I have some stories I need to tell her! haha 


Teaching is coming great, the end of last week was slightly rough, but we are staying positive and saying a lot of prayers, and it is paying off. God has allowed us to have so many miracles this past week. There are still hard times, but we are literally giveing the Lord everything. Someone told us the other day. You promised to give the Lord your all. Not just the stuff that you left at home, but everything. Your weaknesses in the language, your weaknesses in attitude, your sins, your time, your all. Give it to him so you can concentrate 100% on the work and allow him to guide you 100%. It is amazing how much a burden becomes lighter when you allow the Lord to take it. 


Mom, I said I would be honest with you. This week has been kind of tough like I said. But right now I feel like I am on top of the world. It is really hard, but it is a good kind of hard that is pushing me to become a better person. This past week I have been thinking a lot of our stubborn “Allredness” and how you taught me to be a fighter, to always push through. It is giving me hope and strength. You all have taught me so well. Each member of our family has taught me something new that has helped me on my mission so far (yes Nathan, even you have taught me something useful). 


Let Nathan drive down alone, he is a good enough driver. Just let him drive during the day and make him promise to drive slowly especially through the canyon. He will be fine. He needs to learn sooner or later, and he has already driven through it before. My first time driving through the canyon was by myself and I did fine. The people behind me didn’t like how slow I was driving, but I made it through safely. 


That is so cool that James is engaged. Tell him congratulations. I thought he was going to wait until California? I don’t know. Jake, I am glad you get to go on a little road trip, that will be so much fun. Don’t party too hard without me! Nathan, how much time is left until the concert? convert it to Hong Kong time. 🙂 haha 

Well, we try to cook for ourselves. Since we live so far away from our apartment, we get to eat at a lot of the little “garage restauraunts” along the side of the road. They are pretty good. We hae had members feed us twice since we have gotten here, so that is really nice of them. There isn’t really anything crazy that I have eaten this week. I did eat this slimy shrimp thing that was wrapped in a thin dough. It was…. interesting. Haha I just passed through a market on my way here. At the market there are all these fish swimming around in little tanks that you can pick and take home with you to eat. There are also cages of frogs that you can take home to eat… sounds good huh? 


Ok funny story time. This week we were finding on the boardwalk along the ocean. This older grandma came up to us and started talking to us. She was so awesome. She was super nice and loved talking to us. (ok, one thing you have to understand. Grandmas don’t really talk. They just say a bunch of random stuff that even Hong Kong people don’t understand. So you just laugh along with them and smile and nod your head.) We taught her an english phrase. “These are my friends. We are tight!” haha Then she followed us for the next hour and every time we started talking to someone she would cut in “these are my friends. We are tight!” haha We are training the grandmas to be so cool over here. 


Well that is pretty much all I have for this week. I look forward to Thursdays because of email. I love hearing from all of you. Have a great week. I love you all! 


Love, Elder Bubba Brown



Chai Wan

Hello Family!
I can honestly say that I have never been this hot or sweat this much
before. It is a little crazy!  haha. I I have always loved the heat,
but I think my dry utah heat is a little more up my alley.
Sorry I forgot to tell you what area I am in. It is in a place called
Chai wan. It is on the eastern point of the Hong Kong Island. Then our
chapel is in the middle of the island. and our apartment is over on
kowloon. So pretty much, I spend about 45 minutes going from my
apartment to the chapel, or to my area. I feel like a native just
walking from subway train to subway train because it has become habit.
the only difference is that i am about 1 foot taller than everyone
else here! haha. I am not in the international area. They usually
don’t send you there until you get a pretty firm grasp on the
language, since the whole area is english/tagolic speaking. But we do
share a chapel so I have helped teach a couple lessons. I love it
there, the people are so humble and they all have such amazing
stories. The one lady I was teaching, just found out that her husband
in the Phillipeans is cheating on her, but there is nothing she can do
since she is all the way over here in Hong Kong. They are all so crazy
stories, but the sisters are all so humble!
I am so excited for Emily, she is going to be a great missionary.
Letters usually take a little over a week, so I wont be able to get a
letter to her before she leaves, so I want to write her something on
here, then have you give it to her. Before she leaves, I would
recommend having her make a list. Make a list of all the ways the
gospel has affected her life and the strong points of her testimony.
It will make such a big difference. I did that after I had already
gotten to the MTC, and I wish someone would have told me to do it
before I went in. I can’t explain it really, but It really does change
how you serve and teach once you know exactly how the gospel has
blessed you.
So my apartment, There are 4 elders in there. They are such small
apartments, but it is so fun. There is my companion, me, then two
mandarin speakers. Elder Wright from our stake, and then another elder
from Sandy. We all get along so great and it makes it so much fun.
Letters take about 7-10 days to get here, and I have no idea how long
packages take. hven’t been back to the mission home since the first
day I got here, but people will usually bring the mail if there is any
to the chapel. So It may take a little bit longer if nobody goes to
the mission home. I haven’t been to the temple yet, but I do get to go
in two weeks, or maybe it’s next week. I am super excited to see the
inside. I love going to the temple. It is such a great jump start to
get people going again. don’t worry about sending packages, I know
that they can be pretty pricey.
The language is coming along a little better. I can understand a
little bit more, and say a little bit more. I still get a little
discouraged sometimes, but I just have to remember that I am trying my
hardest and improving each and every day.
the other day, I went on 24 hour exchanges to the southern part of the
island. The apartment we stayed in was crazy. It was the smallest
apartment in the entire mission. They had to take the door off the the
bedroom to make room for the beds. The kitchen and laundry room are
the same room, and there practically isn’t a living room. I would say
the entire apartment was about the same size of mine and jake’s
bedrooms put together. for the entire apartment. It was pretty crazy.
And it was on the 30th floor. You all know how much I love hights so
that was really fun.
When we get off the subway station to go to my apartment, we cross
this bridge, and under this bridge is a giant turtle pond. I would say
there are at least 100 turtles, there are so many. It is so crazy. I
have taken pictures, but I don’t know how the best way to send
pictures home is. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me
So the bishop called the other day, and guess who gets to give a talk
in two weeks in sacrament meeting…. I am kind of scared. It pretty
much will a one of those “get up and read your talk” kind of thing. I
am nervous, but also really excited.
I don’t really have any funny stories or any weird eats for this week.
It has just been kind of crazy. Hopefully next week will have 2!
Well I love you all so much. be expecting a letter in the mail in
about a week, I sent it yesterday. Hope you are all doing great and
enjoying your summer. I will talk to you all next week!
LOVE, Elder Brown!

Hello from Hong Kong!


Hello from Hong Kong!

How are you all doing on the other side of the world? Everything is going great over here in Hong Kong. It is all really crazy, but I am doing a great job at adjusting and getting used to the big city life:) Everything here is so big. The smallest building I have seen is probably 7 stories high. It is amazing.

My apartment, chapel, and zone are all in different areas, so I get to see a lot of Hong Kong as I am traveling around. It takes about 45 minutes to get from my apartment to my zone, so I get to see a lot of people on the subway. Part of my zone is on a big boardwalk is right on the ocean. It is really amazing.

So my fourth night here, I got to experience my first typhoon! Haha everyone was starting to get freaked out because it was going to be a level 8 (which is pretty bad) we aren’t allowed to leave our apartments if it is a level 8. So we had to move our beds away from windows and make sure everything was secure just in case. It came during the night. It turned out to only be a level 1, and then the rest of the day was just a pretty nice tropical storm. The wind was blowing like crazy though.

Because I share a chapel with the “international” area (the Phillipino) I have been able to go on a couple of splits with those missionaries and be able to teach them. I always think of Emily and how much she is going to love those people. They are all so humble and love talking to us “white boys”.

Haha! So the other day, I went into a “restaraunt” to get some food for lunch. I still am trying to talk to the people the best I can. Sometimes is doesn’t always work out, but I love it and the Chinese people love me trying to talk. The people at this restaurant have started calling me baby face…. It is a great way to start my experience here in Hong Kong. Haha.

Ok, for my crazy food update. I had some cow stomach which was really good. I also had some squid. I can’t really decide if I like squid. At first I liked it, but then one of the sister missionaries kept putting more and more on my plate and making me eat it. So right now, I am still unsure if I like squid. I also had some mango tea, which was so good. If it wasn’t so expensive, I would drink it everyday!

Now time for a funny story! I was on the MTR (subway) and I decided to talk to this grandma. They are always so nice and love talking to the Americans. So I went up and said hello. She looked and my tag, then just started yelling at me. She started coming at me with her cane, and I had to run. It was pretty scary. Ha-ha. I have been a little bit more cautious about talking to grandmas now.

I have also seen so many amazing miracles since I have gotten here; Things that I can’t even explain. My zone is hard. It has been in a dead zone. The members don’t really want to help us, and no one wants to listen to us. But we are working hard and it is really starting to pay off. We are making progress, and hopefully by the end of the month we will have a baptism. It is crazy how the Lord answers prayers and really guides people.

Some good news, I beat an Asian at ping pong…. I was very proud of myself. Haha! So on July 1, it was the anniversary of when Britain gave Hong Kong back to China. So it was a crazy day. There were protests all day and lots of sirens going on, but we are all safe. Then at the end of the day they had fireworks going off over the water. I was able to watch them from the chapel. These fireworks put all other fireworks to shame. There were so many of them. They went on forever and it was like an unlimited grand finale. It was pretty amazing, so I got to have my “4th of July” fireworks. Ha-ha. It wasn’t the same, but it was still good.

Well that is all for now, I don’t know exactly what else to say, it has really just been a week of adjusting. I am loving it. My apartment is small, it is very hot, and it has been raining all day today. But I am loving every minute of it. Elder Lee who is from our stake at home left last week. His parents came to pick him up. His dad had me make a video on his phone and he is going to put it on a disk and give to you guys. So that was kind of fun. I love you all and I hope you are all doing great.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Brown