Chai Wan

Hello Family!
I can honestly say that I have never been this hot or sweat this much
before. It is a little crazy!  haha. I I have always loved the heat,
but I think my dry utah heat is a little more up my alley.
Sorry I forgot to tell you what area I am in. It is in a place called
Chai wan. It is on the eastern point of the Hong Kong Island. Then our
chapel is in the middle of the island. and our apartment is over on
kowloon. So pretty much, I spend about 45 minutes going from my
apartment to the chapel, or to my area. I feel like a native just
walking from subway train to subway train because it has become habit.
the only difference is that i am about 1 foot taller than everyone
else here! haha. I am not in the international area. They usually
don’t send you there until you get a pretty firm grasp on the
language, since the whole area is english/tagolic speaking. But we do
share a chapel so I have helped teach a couple lessons. I love it
there, the people are so humble and they all have such amazing
stories. The one lady I was teaching, just found out that her husband
in the Phillipeans is cheating on her, but there is nothing she can do
since she is all the way over here in Hong Kong. They are all so crazy
stories, but the sisters are all so humble!
I am so excited for Emily, she is going to be a great missionary.
Letters usually take a little over a week, so I wont be able to get a
letter to her before she leaves, so I want to write her something on
here, then have you give it to her. Before she leaves, I would
recommend having her make a list. Make a list of all the ways the
gospel has affected her life and the strong points of her testimony.
It will make such a big difference. I did that after I had already
gotten to the MTC, and I wish someone would have told me to do it
before I went in. I can’t explain it really, but It really does change
how you serve and teach once you know exactly how the gospel has
blessed you.
So my apartment, There are 4 elders in there. They are such small
apartments, but it is so fun. There is my companion, me, then two
mandarin speakers. Elder Wright from our stake, and then another elder
from Sandy. We all get along so great and it makes it so much fun.
Letters take about 7-10 days to get here, and I have no idea how long
packages take. hven’t been back to the mission home since the first
day I got here, but people will usually bring the mail if there is any
to the chapel. So It may take a little bit longer if nobody goes to
the mission home. I haven’t been to the temple yet, but I do get to go
in two weeks, or maybe it’s next week. I am super excited to see the
inside. I love going to the temple. It is such a great jump start to
get people going again. don’t worry about sending packages, I know
that they can be pretty pricey.
The language is coming along a little better. I can understand a
little bit more, and say a little bit more. I still get a little
discouraged sometimes, but I just have to remember that I am trying my
hardest and improving each and every day.
the other day, I went on 24 hour exchanges to the southern part of the
island. The apartment we stayed in was crazy. It was the smallest
apartment in the entire mission. They had to take the door off the the
bedroom to make room for the beds. The kitchen and laundry room are
the same room, and there practically isn’t a living room. I would say
the entire apartment was about the same size of mine and jake’s
bedrooms put together. for the entire apartment. It was pretty crazy.
And it was on the 30th floor. You all know how much I love hights so
that was really fun.
When we get off the subway station to go to my apartment, we cross
this bridge, and under this bridge is a giant turtle pond. I would say
there are at least 100 turtles, there are so many. It is so crazy. I
have taken pictures, but I don’t know how the best way to send
pictures home is. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me
So the bishop called the other day, and guess who gets to give a talk
in two weeks in sacrament meeting…. I am kind of scared. It pretty
much will a one of those “get up and read your talk” kind of thing. I
am nervous, but also really excited.
I don’t really have any funny stories or any weird eats for this week.
It has just been kind of crazy. Hopefully next week will have 2!
Well I love you all so much. be expecting a letter in the mail in
about a week, I sent it yesterday. Hope you are all doing great and
enjoying your summer. I will talk to you all next week!
LOVE, Elder Brown!

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