"These are my friends. We are tight!"



Hello family, 


Can you believe that another weeek has come and gone by? It is crazy how fast time is flying now that I am getting the hang of things. Yes, it is very hot. I have always been good with the heat, but this is a different type of heat, this is wet heat! The past couple of days it has been raining. It is nice to have it feel slightly cooler, but the rain also makes it feel even more humid. We do have air conditioning in our apartment, we get to have it on for 12 hours a day. So about long enough to sleep, eat breakfast, do a little study, then leave. Then when we get back home it is all hot again. My apartment is actually pretty big for Hong Kong. It is one of the newest apartments in the mission, so I have been pretty lucky. The only one that is nicer, is the apartments in the temple. My surroundings are weird, because I can’t just say I am in a town or something, because everything is a city here. In the distance I can see a couple of mountains if the pollution isn’t too bad. We also have a pretty sweet turtle pond by our house. It is pretty sweet. We are on the 3rd floor so it isn’t too bad. On our P-days, we play a lot of basketball, email, write letters, we can go hiking, or go to the beach (we can’t swim, but the beach is on the approved list haha). Pretty much, since Hong Kong is so compact, we can do practically anything that isn’t too dangerous.


So today I got to go through the temple for the first time here in Hong Kong. It is so beautiful inside. President Hinckley knew what he was doing when he designed that temple. The inside is small. The endowment room is probably half the size of provo. It is such an amazing experience and It was a much needed seperation from the crazy world of Hong Kong. 


I am so excited for Emily. I told everyone in the MTC before I left that she was coming in, so they needed to look out for her and treat her really good. I know how she is feeling right now, probably really nervous and there is so much flying at her, but it is so worth it. Which mission is she going to? Every one of the Phillipeano’s that I talk to ask where she is going, but I always forgt to ask you. Can I get her address so I can write her? I have some stories I need to tell her! haha 


Teaching is coming great, the end of last week was slightly rough, but we are staying positive and saying a lot of prayers, and it is paying off. God has allowed us to have so many miracles this past week. There are still hard times, but we are literally giveing the Lord everything. Someone told us the other day. You promised to give the Lord your all. Not just the stuff that you left at home, but everything. Your weaknesses in the language, your weaknesses in attitude, your sins, your time, your all. Give it to him so you can concentrate 100% on the work and allow him to guide you 100%. It is amazing how much a burden becomes lighter when you allow the Lord to take it. 


Mom, I said I would be honest with you. This week has been kind of tough like I said. But right now I feel like I am on top of the world. It is really hard, but it is a good kind of hard that is pushing me to become a better person. This past week I have been thinking a lot of our stubborn “Allredness” and how you taught me to be a fighter, to always push through. It is giving me hope and strength. You all have taught me so well. Each member of our family has taught me something new that has helped me on my mission so far (yes Nathan, even you have taught me something useful). 


Let Nathan drive down alone, he is a good enough driver. Just let him drive during the day and make him promise to drive slowly especially through the canyon. He will be fine. He needs to learn sooner or later, and he has already driven through it before. My first time driving through the canyon was by myself and I did fine. The people behind me didn’t like how slow I was driving, but I made it through safely. 


That is so cool that James is engaged. Tell him congratulations. I thought he was going to wait until California? I don’t know. Jake, I am glad you get to go on a little road trip, that will be so much fun. Don’t party too hard without me! Nathan, how much time is left until the concert? convert it to Hong Kong time. 🙂 haha 

Well, we try to cook for ourselves. Since we live so far away from our apartment, we get to eat at a lot of the little “garage restauraunts” along the side of the road. They are pretty good. We hae had members feed us twice since we have gotten here, so that is really nice of them. There isn’t really anything crazy that I have eaten this week. I did eat this slimy shrimp thing that was wrapped in a thin dough. It was…. interesting. Haha I just passed through a market on my way here. At the market there are all these fish swimming around in little tanks that you can pick and take home with you to eat. There are also cages of frogs that you can take home to eat… sounds good huh? 


Ok funny story time. This week we were finding on the boardwalk along the ocean. This older grandma came up to us and started talking to us. She was so awesome. She was super nice and loved talking to us. (ok, one thing you have to understand. Grandmas don’t really talk. They just say a bunch of random stuff that even Hong Kong people don’t understand. So you just laugh along with them and smile and nod your head.) We taught her an english phrase. “These are my friends. We are tight!” haha Then she followed us for the next hour and every time we started talking to someone she would cut in “these are my friends. We are tight!” haha We are training the grandmas to be so cool over here. 


Well that is pretty much all I have for this week. I look forward to Thursdays because of email. I love hearing from all of you. Have a great week. I love you all! 


Love, Elder Bubba Brown




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