With lots of Chinese Love

Hello to my amazing friends and family,

How is everyone over on the other side of the world? Things over here in Hong Kong aren’t slowing down. I guess that’s what happens when you live in a city! This week has been crazy, and it feels like so much has happened. I love those weeks that we are super busy and everything is happening, and it feels like it was just yesterday that I sent an email to you.  These weeks are also the ones where you come home at night and just crash on your bed because you are exhausted. They are great days!

So today, I did one of the coolest things ever. I WENT AND PLAYED WITH MONKEYS!!!! It was so cool. We went to this place called Monkey Mountain. You get off the bus, and then there are like a hundred monkeys just running around everywhere. We hiked a little ways, then there were even more monkeys. They were just jumping from tree to tree, and running around our feet. It was pretty sweet. My favorite part is when the little baby monkeys grab onto their mom’s and just hang under their bellies as they run. I am attaching some pictures so you can see. It was an awesome little adventure that we got to go on today.

This week, we have continued the EEFY (English Especially for Youth). This week has been way fun, and has strengthened my testimony so much. Monday we had an Iron rod activity. We set up a bunch of different activities throughout the entire church. Then the missionaries would be the Holy Ghost and take the blindfolded kids to the different floors and do the activities. Then at the end, there was a giant obstacle course that the kids had to do by themselves blindfolded. After they finished the course, they were led into a room by a rope. At the end of the rope, was a giant tree with a light on it, and fruit all around for them to eat. It was an awesome activity. We have had a lot of different activities throughout the week. Today I got to teach a bunch of people how to sing, others learned how to play the piano, some learned to play the guitar, and then at the end. We all got back together and performed. We all learned the Hymn “Nearer My God to Thee”. It was an awesome experience and we were able to share an awesome message about how music can invite the spirit and how it can affect your life. It was a very awesome experience.

At the beginning of the week, we only had about 7 youth show up. It was very discouraging, because last week we spent hours trying to invite people. Tuesday, also was lacking a lot of people. Finally, we decided to have a district fast. So we all fasted and prayed our guts out for God to help us have more people come. Then on Wednesday, we had so many people show up, and today we have had even more. It was such a testimony builder of how the lord answers prayers, and gives miracles in times of need.

Another miracle we have had this week, comes in the form of an awesome investigator. Our investigators have been slightly struggling this last week, and then we found this awesome man. His name is mister Yuhn. We found him walking through a park one day. He was born in Hong Kong, then moved to mainland china and grew up there. He has now moved back to Hong Kong and is living in our area. We taught him a simple message about the Book of Mormon and prayer. He asked if he could come to church and if we would call him the next day to talk about the book. So we did that, and he read it and he loved it. So we gave him more to read and he loved it, then he came to church and it was awesome. He loved church and was so proud to tell everyone that he was reading the book of Mormon. Then, on Monday we called and talked to him, and he agreed to be baptized in September! I am so happy for him. He is so prepared and loves the gospel, even though we still haven’t officially taught him the first lesson. God really helped give us the motivation booster in our time of need.

This week, I haven’t really tried any weird food, but I did try this awesome crab pasta that was amazing. All the missionaries here have this weird craving. We all crave Mexican food. There is no Mexican food in Hong Kong that fits a missionary budget. And Hong Kong has a serious lack of dairy products. Maybe in a future date, you could send a little pack of taco seasoning mix? (wink wink) haha.

I don’t think I have a funny story for this week, so it is a little boring in that department. But I am so glad that I am here serving a mission. It is so hard, funny, life-changing, faith-building, and every other adjective you can think of, but it is so worth it. I know that God puts us where we need to be for other people, and for ourselves. Even though we are out serving other people, we are still being blessed and grow ourselves every day. It kind of hard to “forget yourself” when God keeps sending blessings and growing experiences to us every day, but I think he knows what he is doing… I love you all and I am so grateful that you are all so supportive of me. The letters, emails, prayers and everything else seriously mean so much to me. I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

With lots of Chinese Love,
Elder Bubba Brown

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Chicken Feet

Hello amazing family!

How are you all doing? I am attaching a couple of pictures for you to all see! The weather this week hasn’t been rainy, but it has been way hot. It is so crazy how flip-floppy this weather is. The typhoon was a great experience, but it has stopped quite a few people from coming outside. Everyone is safe, and now everything is calmed back down, going back to “normal”. ha-ha Today we were going to go to the beach with a bunch of people, but a lot of people are getting summer missionaries today so they can’t go too far. Summer missionaries are local youth here in Hong Kong who go and serve a mission with us for two weeks.

Since we can’t go to the beach today, we are probably going to go bowling. It will be very fun. Anything that is just a slight break from walking around all day is fun over here! Ha-ha. Today we are also going to go to dinner with our district, so that will be awesome. I have such a great district. We all get along so well and we all have such a great time when we are together.

Yesterday, my companion had a leadership training at the mission home because he is a district leader. So I got to go on splits with a mandarin speaker. It was so funny, he would talk to them in mandarin, and then they would pretend that they only spoke Cantonese, so then I jumped in and took over. It was amazing how much the Lord helped me with understanding and speaking. I was scared to go with him, because if I have a Cantonese question or don’t understand, then I am on my own. but the Lord helped me so much, I taught an entire lesson on my own, I invited a bunch of people to come to our English class, and by the end of the day, I was on such a high because of the confidence booster. Yesterday was the strongest testimony builder ever that the gift of tongues is so real. I was just in amazement last night at the things that we had accomplished.

So every 6 weeks is move time, which means that there is a possibility to be moved. I am not being moved right now because I am still training so I will be here for at lease 1 more move. You usually stay in an area for between 3-4 moves. It is pretty interesting, but it is nice to be able to stay and possibly see an investigator go through the whole process.

My companion is awesome. We both get along so well and have such a great time together. We both are constantly joking around and laughing. He is an awesome person, and I am so glad that I got a good companion for my trainer. I was pretty scared I would get someone who is near the end of their mission and doesn’t want to work or anything. You can definitely tell that companionships are inspired.

Ok I am going to end with my weird food of the week. This week I tried…. CHICKEN FEET! It was so weird, but wasn’t completely nasty. I also tried some corn and milk jello type stuff…. it was very interesting. Ha-ha Well I love you all and hope you are all doing well. Have a great week and remember to read your scriptures!

Love Elder Brown

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Giant Sneezes & Thai Food

Hello my amazing friends and family!

Another amazing week has come and gone by. This week has been awesome, I have just been in an unusually good mood, and it has made my wweek such a great one! I can’t believe it is already the end of summer and Nathan is going back to school, and he is already going into his junior year. It is all so crazy to me!
My meeting with President Hawks was awesome. He is such an amazing person, and he honestly is so inspired. Whenever I talk to him, I walk away feeling like I just got poured upon with spiritual revelation. I am so lucky to have such an amazing Mission president. All the missionaries here are doing good. We all have such close relationships, because our mission area is so small. I love it.
Ok, I have 2 funny stories for this week.
1. I was helping another missionary teach this man, and he is christian, so he has a strong belief already that God answers prayers. It was a great lesson, everything was going great. I then started to say the closing prayer. It was a very, well thought out prayer. Then I said “please bless this man’s family” All of a sudden, he literally yells a big “AMEN!!!” it scared the crap out of me and I let out a little squeal right in the middle of my prayer. Then I just started laughing really hard. You know those moments, where you start laughing and you just can’t stop? yeah, I had one of those moments. I just had to end the prayer right there. It was a pretty great moment!
2. Chinese people really like to make their sneezes as small as possible. Us Browns, we like to make our sneezes as big as possible. I am sure you know where this story is going. I am standing there on the Subway, and I feel this sneeze coming, and I know it is going to be a big one. So I prepare myself. Then it comes, and I would say it would put a lot of Denisha’s sneezes to shame! It was one for the record book, and as soon as it came out, I scared about 50 chinese people crammed into one little subway car. They all jumped so high. You all would be proud of me! haha
On sunday, we had a member of the ward cook us some food. She is from Thailand and she made some AWESOME food. She has such a sad story, I am just glad we got to sit and talk with her and give her some company. She is an awesome person, and by the end of the night, we were all laughing so hard, it was great. 
Well, that is all for this week. I hope you all have had a good laugh or at least had your week brightened some. I pray for you all, and I know you pray for me, I can feel those blessing you are asking for in behalf of me. Keep smiling, and keep a good attitude. It makes all the difference, trust me, I know from experience. I love you all!
Love, Elder Bubba

A Golden Investigator

Hello my amazing friends and family!

Can you believe that my first transfer in Hong Kong has already gone by? I can’t believe that I have already been here for 6 weeks; it all still seems so unreal. Hong Kong is doing amazing, just as hot as ever! Ha-ha. I can’t believe that Nathan starts school in just a couple of weeks. It seems like it was only yesterday that he was writing me and telling me that school is getting out.

This week has been kind of crazy; we have had an activity called EEFY. It is English especially for youth. We just get a lot of the local youth and teach them English and have activities for 2 hours every day. It is pretty fun. Monday we had an egg drop activity where we made a huge tower out of the church chairs that we dropped the eggs from. Tuesday was baking day so we made tons of cookies. Yesterday was music and dance, so we played a lot of games with music and crazy dancing. It was a lot of fun. I have a lot of pictures, but I forgot my camera today so I can’t attach any… Next week though!

Tell Nate Oldroyd congratulations, I wish I could be there, but I will be there for his homecoming! He is going to be an awesome missionary. What mission is Emily going to in the Philippines? All of the little Filipinos start yelling me because I don’t know yet. Ha-ha they are all so crazy, and she is going to love being there.

So I have a miracle story this week. I went finding with a mandarin missionary. I was all by myself, speaking Cantonese and we found this amazing girl and we taught her a lesson. She is so prepared. On that day, she said the Lord told her to walk home from school instead of taking the bus and then she found us. She told us “I think that is a miracle from god.” then we were like “DUH!!!” She also asked us if she could have a book of Mormon because she thinks it sounds interesting. She is what we call a Golden investigator.  She doesn’t live in our area, so we are now letting other missionaries teach her, but they are awesome missionaries and I completely trust them to do the right thing.

My younger MTC district just came today. It is awesome to be able to see all of them. I am so glad that they are here, and there are more people that I know. I feel like the new kid at school who doesn’t know anyone. Luckily everyone he is so nice and so welcoming. I have made so many amazing friends since I have gotten here. Since our mission area is so small, we get to see most of the missionaries, and we are all so close. It is also nice to have so many sister missionaries, they just bring a little more…. “maturity” to the group? Ha-ha In our mission, 25% of the missionaries are actually girls so it is quite a big ratio.

Well, that is my short email for the week. It has been one of those crazy weeks where everything has happened, and also nothing has happened. But the busy ones are the good ones. I love you all and hope you are all doing great. Have a great week and Love you all!!!

Love, Elder Bubba