Chicken Feet

Hello amazing family!

How are you all doing? I am attaching a couple of pictures for you to all see! The weather this week hasn’t been rainy, but it has been way hot. It is so crazy how flip-floppy this weather is. The typhoon was a great experience, but it has stopped quite a few people from coming outside. Everyone is safe, and now everything is calmed back down, going back to “normal”. ha-ha Today we were going to go to the beach with a bunch of people, but a lot of people are getting summer missionaries today so they can’t go too far. Summer missionaries are local youth here in Hong Kong who go and serve a mission with us for two weeks.

Since we can’t go to the beach today, we are probably going to go bowling. It will be very fun. Anything that is just a slight break from walking around all day is fun over here! Ha-ha. Today we are also going to go to dinner with our district, so that will be awesome. I have such a great district. We all get along so well and we all have such a great time when we are together.

Yesterday, my companion had a leadership training at the mission home because he is a district leader. So I got to go on splits with a mandarin speaker. It was so funny, he would talk to them in mandarin, and then they would pretend that they only spoke Cantonese, so then I jumped in and took over. It was amazing how much the Lord helped me with understanding and speaking. I was scared to go with him, because if I have a Cantonese question or don’t understand, then I am on my own. but the Lord helped me so much, I taught an entire lesson on my own, I invited a bunch of people to come to our English class, and by the end of the day, I was on such a high because of the confidence booster. Yesterday was the strongest testimony builder ever that the gift of tongues is so real. I was just in amazement last night at the things that we had accomplished.

So every 6 weeks is move time, which means that there is a possibility to be moved. I am not being moved right now because I am still training so I will be here for at lease 1 more move. You usually stay in an area for between 3-4 moves. It is pretty interesting, but it is nice to be able to stay and possibly see an investigator go through the whole process.

My companion is awesome. We both get along so well and have such a great time together. We both are constantly joking around and laughing. He is an awesome person, and I am so glad that I got a good companion for my trainer. I was pretty scared I would get someone who is near the end of their mission and doesn’t want to work or anything. You can definitely tell that companionships are inspired.

Ok I am going to end with my weird food of the week. This week I tried…. CHICKEN FEET! It was so weird, but wasn’t completely nasty. I also tried some corn and milk jello type stuff…. it was very interesting. Ha-ha Well I love you all and hope you are all doing well. Have a great week and remember to read your scriptures!

Love Elder Brown

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