Asian Pizza & “Chicken Poop”

Hello to all my amazing family and friends from all over the “world” 🙂

I hope everything is going amazing for you all this week. It has been another crazy week here in China, but when has a missionary ever had a “normal” week? Probably the most exciting thing is we have been preparing for one of our awesome investigators to get baptized on Sunday. In just three days!!!! I am so excited for him (and I will admit, I am pretty excited to have a first baptism) ha-ha. Every time we see him, he is just smiling so hard because of how excited he is. His story is amazing, and the changes he has made in his life to get to here is so inspiring. You meet so many people here, who honestly just want to have a better life, and that is what we are trying to do every single day, give them that little glimpse of hope.

This week I got to try my first “Asian pizza”. It consisted of 1000 island dressing instead of red sauce, baby octopus, shrimp, and some other weird chewy thing. When the member told us we were going to pizza hut, I was pretty excited to have some normal American food…. I was so wrong. It actually wasn’t too awful; the family is pretty “American” so they also ordered some normal pizza for us. They are the coolest family, and they are always so good to the missionaries. They have a house in Orem, so when I get back home, whenever they visit, I will take them out for some good American food! Ha-ha

Another crazy food that I tried this week is called chicken poop. We don’t really think it is chicken poop, but we can’t be completely sure. It is this little jelly ball, but it has little hard chunks and pieces of grass or something in it. It was pretty nasty, but the Chinese people really like it. Maybe I just couldn’t get over the fact that it is called chicken poop. oh well, I promised mom I would try any and all food that was offered to me, even though it may be some of the nastiest things ever.

Yesterday, my companion and I decided that we were going to learn how to text in Chinese. We always need to send texts to investigators, but we never know how to write the characters. So we sat down and taught ourselves. Probably not the most effective thing we could have done, but we had a lot of fun, and can now send texts if we need to.

So in Hong Kong, we can’t go knocking on doors, so we usually go to a park, and walk around in the sun finding people. One day this week, we were tired of trying that. So we thought of some new ideas to try and get people. Our answer, singing finding! I just stood in the middle of the walkway and sang hymns in Chinese at the top of my lungs while my companion tried to talk to people around me. I got some great stares, and it really helped invite the spirit in certain situations. If anything, it was just a way for us to do something different and fun.

This week, I started reading Jesus the Christ. It is a big, complicated book, but I am loving it and learning so much about Jesus. It is amazing how many little facts I didn’t know about, can slightly change the way you look at the stories you have heard for your entire life. It is a way interesting book, and sometimes I feel like our hour of study time just isn’t enough! I will keep you updated on how that is going,

Well, that is it for the week; I hope you have a good time wherever you are! I love you all!

Love, Elder Bubba


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