Letter from Hong Kong Oct 17, 2012

Hello my amazing family and friends,

Another week has come and gone by over here in Hong Kong. I can’t believe time here on missions. Somebody said it perfectly when they said “the days feel like months, and the months feel like days” or something like that. it is starting to get a little bit colder over here. When I say colder, I just mean you don’t start sweating immediately when you walk outside. But it is manageable weather now! I am so glad you are all doing better. Ok, so here is some weird news, this is my last thursday p-day. They are switching our p-days to mondays, so be ready on your sunday nights now!

I think I would call this week the week of the crazies. We have met so many crazy people. We met this lady named Ad–. Her life is pretty messed up, and she has had so much happen to her. I feel bad for her, but I love how this gospel can help anyone in any situation. We also met a crazy man from columbia. He is a member, but on the way over here, he decided he would celebrate with one drink…. One led to another and the next thing he knew, he was in the middle of Hong Kong sleeping on a bench because his clothes, money, and everything was stolen from him. We helped him a little bit and gave him to the police to take care of since we can’t really do anything. We also met a man who claimed he sees visions a lot…. This is my crazy week for all of you! haha

On monday, I had a feeling to call one of our old investigators who hasn’t answered our calls for a couple of months. I called and he picked up! He said he was at work, but would sneak away for an hour to meet with us. It was an awesome lesson and we were able to catch up and help him restart his reading and praying habits. It was good to be able to see him again and try to rekindle the fire he had when he first met with us.

I heard about the Utah State BYU game. One of the nice things about having white americans meet in the same chapel as you. They know you are interested and are always willing to tell us news about football! haha they won’t tell us any other news though.

I am glad Grandma and Grandpa are doing well enough to take everyone out to dinner. It seems like they are doing fairly decent. I haven’t heard any stories about them so that makes me super happy. I am also excited to see Kieth’s new house when I get back. I am super excited for him, that area is so awesome! I also want to see pictures of this giant pumpkin in our yard! I always loved seeing how big they would get their pumpkins!

Conference was awesome. I loved all the talks! President Hawks also asked that all  missionaries watch it in their native tongue, so I got to watch it in english! (except for the priesthood session). It was so good, and I honestly loved all the talks. I have been reading Jesus the Christ, so I love Elder Hollands talk about the apostles. He is one of my favorite speakers anyways, and I enjoy his talks no matter what the topic is. Haha. I also love Elder Oaks talk. They are all so inspired and it is awesome!!!

well, that is my week for you all. I hope you are doing awesome! I love you all so much, stay strong

Elder bubba brown


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