Letter from Hong Kong Oct 21, 2012

Hello my beautiful friends and family!

How is everything going over in the big U.S.? It is weird to be emailing on a monday instead of on a thursday. Not a whole lot has happened in the past couple of days. We have found some new investigators this past week, and I think some of them have potential. We will keep working with them and get them closer to baptism. President Hawks has been putting a bigger focus on finding families to teach. Once we have started praying to find families and looking harder for families, we see people differently. Our goal has changed from helping people to get baptized, to helping families get baptized then sealed together for eternity.I am so grateful for the knowledge we have of eternal families. If anything, this gospel brings hope to people sitting in the darkness. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!!!

Tell David congratulations for me? haha I love Caroline, so I am super happy for both of them. It is just kind of a shock… I bet it was more of a shock for you since you saw them the day before. What has grandma and grandpa said about it? do they even know yet? haha I am glad you got to go to dinner with them. I bet those little times with their kids make them so happy.

Mom, I am glad you enjoyed the flowers. I didn’t even know he told his mom. The one day he just asked how you were doing and so I told him. Then the next day he told me he emailed his mom and she was going to send flowers. Elder Wright is amazing and I am so glad I have been able to become friends with him since I started my mission. We don’t live together anymore, but I still see him fairly often. I am excited for sister Ainge to get here, and the other person from springville (who is it?). We will have 7 people here from Springville/Mapleton when they both get here! We are taking over the Hong Kong! I only see Elder Woods about once a week. It seems like a lot, but because our mission is small, you usually see missionaries fairly often.

Yes, I did guess the baby’s name, but I am sworn to secrecy not to tell anyone or give any hints!!! Plus, I am on the other side of the world, I deserve to know some of the secrets. I am super happy to share a birthday with her.

The language feels like it is coming along a lot better this past week. It is weird being in such an international mission. It makes it hard to learn the language, but having a native companion is helping a lot and I am not even super worried about it. I can carry on conversations for the most part. God helps me a lot when it is needed most.

Well, I don’t have any strange foods for this week. I have started liking Tofu which is something that I never thought I would ever like! It is amazing when you try new foods, your tolerance level goes higher.

That is about it for these past couple of days. Kind of short, but hopefully still helpful to some and informative to the rest! Love you all

Love, Elder Bubba Brown


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