Letter from Hong Kong Oct 28, 2012

Hello my amazing family and friends!

well, I am feeling about the same as you all, not a whole lot has happened this last week. The most exciting thing was probably that the Thai member in our ward cooked us dinner again. I sure do love Thai food. We have some awesome members in our ward. It was weird to think, that if I do get transferred to a new area this Thursday  then I won’t be able to go back to that ward for the rest of my mission. Part of me wants to go and try a new area, but I love this ward and this area. This is the only thing I know for mission work. I guess we will see on Thursday.

So, I have a funny story for this week. I was talking to one of the members in our ward. I started asking him about his mission, and I found out he served in Brisbane Australia mandarin speaking. So I asked him if he knew Elder Allred. He said that Brett was his trainer! Haha, and what makes it even more funny, is that he is my companion, Elder Leung’s cousin. So our cousins were also companions on their missions! It is such a small world! He now told me that he is going to personally help me with my chinese so it can get better than Brett’s. We both couldn’t believe it!

I am excited to see the little squirt’s Halloween costume. It is weird to be over here. People don’t have yards to put Halloween decorations up, so there isn’t any of that really. I am super excited to see how they do it over here. I think it would be super easy to just go to one of the giant apartment buildings and just go from floor to floor getting lots of candy.

We found a new family that we are starting to teach. I have only met the mom and the son. the mom’s name is A– and the son’s name is D–. The mom is super nice, and she has been asking a lot of questions about the gospel. I really hope we can help their family lots! The day we visited them, A–said that her son was super hyper and excited all day waiting for us. then he gave us pencils because we helped him with his english homework. It made me think of me before my mission. I was never super excited to help the missionaries, and I never gave them gifts. After seeing how the Hong Kong members treat the missionaries, I really want to be better when I get home.

well, that is it for the week. Not a whole lot, but here it is. I also thought of a good idea. As you are teaching family home evening using Preach My Gospel, I will give my insights for whatever section you will work on for that week! Just let me know what section will be next week and i will give my insight!

Have an awesome week, stay amazing, stay strong, and feel my love and prayers soaring across the ocean. I feel and accept all of yours! I love you all

Elder Bubba

P.S. Thanks for keeping the blog updated


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