Letter from Hong Kong Nov 11, 2012

Hello my amazing family, and friends!
I can’t believe all the snow! Sometimes I think that I will miss the snow… Then I think of some of those cold nights in Logan, and I am glad to be here in China. Starting November 1 we had to start wearing our suit coats. It is nice some of the time, but it still gets hot at times, so I am looking forward to the cool down. The only thing I can think about, is that I am glad it is not the middle of summer anymore. It is awesome weather here right now. most of the time we just have the windows open if we are inside.
I found out about the Obama thing in a very special way. We were finding and talking to people on the street. Then some crazy man ran up to me, grabbed me by the shoulders. Shook me a little. Then yelled “OBAMA IS KING!!!” Its a good thing I love these Hong Kong people. I had about 10 other people within an hour come up to tell me that Obama won. I am happy for him. I bet both him and Romney are both a little less stressed than they were last week.
That is awesome that Jake Miles got his mission call. I am so excited to hear where all of these people get their mission calls to. How long is he in the MTC for? is that a 9 week one? It is so cool. When does he leave?
How are the preparations for Thanksgiving going? I always loved having it at our house. We got left overs, the house was always super clean after, we didn’t have to travel, and it was ALWAYS super nice. Sister Hawks wants all of the missionaries to have a nice, memorable Thanksgiving, so they are giving us a little extra money, and we get to take a little break and eat with our zone. I am excited, I love the activities where the missionaries can get together and just talk and have a little break.
No, I am not senior companion. I still feel like I have a lot to learn before I become senior. Elder Brennan has been in Hong Kong for a little over a year. He is super awesome. He is from Perth in australia.
Right now we are working with some awesome investigators. One is named M–. Her two kids just got baptized right before I got here, and now she is just waiting for a few things before she can get baptized. Hopefully in December! She is super nice. Before I met her, all the missionaries told me that she is possibly the only lady in the world that could ever replace your mom. I don’t think it is that far, but she is one of the nicest ladies in the world! We are also working with this boy named T–. He had a baptismal date before, but his dad wouldn’t let him get baptized because he thinks all chinese people should be buddhist. His dad won’t even let him meet with us, so he has been having a hard time talking his mom into letting him come. Keep praying for the parents to have a softening of hearts!

Well, that is it for the week, love you all!
Love, Elder Bubba


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