Letter from Hong Kong

{sent Dec 2, 2012}

Hello my amazing friends and family members!

And we are back to december! This is honestly my favorite time of the year. I just love the feeling of Christmas and the lights and how people actually smile! First off, thank you for the emails, letters, and everything else that you all do to support me. It really is a blessing to have so many amazing family and friends who are “round about to bear [me] up”. They gave us some tips to help mail get to the mission better, especially during the holiday season. 1. put down the address exactly. 2. make sure it is air mail. put a stamp or just write air mail.

So, yesterday it happened! M– finally got baptized. It was an amazing day, she is now able to join her two children as members of the church! We were teaching her husband after church, and he told us about the change he has seen in his family, and how he feels that every day he is even changing a little bit! AHHHHHH Soon the whole family will be going through the temple to be sealed!

Last Monday, we taught their family how to have FHE. She cooked us dinner, and we did the lesson and the game. It was a great night! This week we have started teaching some very prepared investigators. They love the church, and all the anti attempts that happen up here in Tolo Harbour haven’t affected them! Most of them live in a different area, so we get to do turnovers and help strengthen other areas. It is good that they are still learning the gospel and progressing, but it is hard putting these people into the hands of other missionaries!

The biggest problem we are still facing is parental opposition. It is one of those things, that we have absolutely no control over. We really just have to rely on God and trust in his timing.

The christmas concert is coming along great. I am excited to be able to sing with all the other missionaries and help people remember why we even have christmas.

Jesus Christ is real. He really was born in the most humble of circumstances. He came to this earth for each of us. He died for each of us. He knows our sins, our trials, our pains, and our weakness. Recently I have also found that he knows our joys, our accomplishments, our smiles, and our laughter. He is there for us and knows each of us. I read a quote the other day from Elder Holland, he talked about God shedding a tear for each tear we shed, these include tears of joy. This is more real than anyone can even imagine, and I am grateful I am starting this journey. I love you all!

Elder Bubba


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