Letter from Hong Kong

{sent Jan 20, 2013}
Dear friends, family, and worried moms:

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable week. P-day seems to come by really fast when it was only a few days ago! This week has been good. (yes mom, I am feeling better)

I can’t believe our stake has that many missionaries. What is even more crazy, is that at least 4 of them are here in Hong Kong. Every month the stakes send letters to the missionaries. We all have a joke that they just need to submit it to the china hong kong mission office and put it in our newsletter!

I am so sorry to hear about Brother Bates… I knew Ty. He has been over to our house a couple of times. If you see their family, tell them sorry for me. Is Ty going to stay on his mission? It is amazing how fast things like that happen. Really shows the importance of keeping good health and doing everything you can to prevent accidents like that. I know you can’t always prevent it, but you can really lower the chances.

Mom, your dream sounds nice (except for the part about me coming home early…). It is coming faster than you think. I am really enjoying myself over here. Yes there are trying and discouraging times, but a smile takes you a long ways through those trials! Plus, when you see a bunch of little chinese kids running around, how can you stay sad/mad at anything?

This week I went on 24 hour exchanges with another missionary. I went and stayed at their apartment. It is an amazing apartment. It is on the 34th floor. and the big living room windows look out over the ocean. I could literally pee from their window into the ocean (but I didn’t do that ok… :)) haha. While I was on these exchanges, we realized how to make finding more fun. It is called the "crazy laugh". You run into a lot of crazy old people when you are walking around thestreet. We decided that instead of being weirded out by them, we will just laugh with them! (not at them). Just the idea of 2 white people and a crazy old chinese person laughing at the top of their lungs makes me laugh even harder. We get the weirdest looks, but we have fun! haha and then we always move on and help the other people too!

Well, not a whole lot of extra has happened since I last wrote a couple of days ago. I will leave you all with my love and prayers. You are all amazing and I pray for you all daily. Stay amazing, stay strong, and love life!

Elder Bubba Brown

[1]Missionaries from our stake
[2]Missionaries from Springville
[3]View from Chris’s apartment


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