Big Week!

Hello my dear loved ones.

This has been a HUGE week. My brain is mentally fried, my spiritual senses are tingling, my legs feel like they are about to just fall off, my heart is full, and my smile wont leave my face. I think I can say that this has been one of the best weeks on my mission.
Last Monday, we met with this new investigator named K–. He was very happy to meet with us, and he accepted the message of the Restoration better than anyone else I have ever taught. Then he decided he wanted to meet with us again on Wednesday, so we taught him Wednesday. We started reading the scriptures, and we felt inspired to talk about priesthood. The spirit was so strong, and when we invited him to be baptized his words were, “I was baptised before, but now I will do it this way, the good way.”. Then, he asked us if he could introduce his friends to us. TWIST MY ARM!!! So we met him again, with his friend. Then he came to church on Sunday with Elder Anderson, and he was loving it the entire time. After the meeting, he couldn’t stop smiling and talking, it was like we pumped a little 4 year old with sugar. He also said he is getting Sundays off from work from now on so he can come to church. YOU DON”T FIND THESE TYPE OF PEOPLE IN HONG KONG!!! The only answer that I can think of is God. God has prepared K– so much. Now we are just being tools in the Lord’s hands as K– accepts this truth.
Wednesday, the Bishop took all of the young men, and J– out to dinner to celebrate J– entering the ward. It was great, and it really helped J–to have a good welcome experience. Then we had our last lesson with J–on Saturday, and he was getting very excited for his baptism. Then Sunday came. We all went to the giant chapel in Wan Chai, and got to listen to [Elder] Neil Anderson [Quorom of the Twelve] speak, then right after the meeting we had J–‘s baptism. I remembered what happened last time I baptized someone in that font, so I made sure the drain was plugged, and there was plenty of water. The baptism went flawless. J–, who is always just making joke[s], came out of the water, and the first thing he said (pretty loudly) “I’M CLEAN!!!” everyone started laughing. It was pretty good, and we got it all on the first time.
Friday, we had the great experience of meeting Elder Anderson and then having a great fireside. Elder Anderson is the funniest person ever. He was making jokes the whole time, and we were all laughing so hard. We also were able to perform our song, and it went SO well. (except for the fact that half of us decided to breath right before a key change, then come in on a different key) but it went well and that was the only mishap. The file is too big to send through email, so you all get to wait 10.5 months before you get to hear it 🙂 I was pretty nervous to sing in front of an apostle, but just like every other performance, as soon as I start singing, all nervousness goes away.
Then today, we hiked up to Victoria Peak. It has been raining, so the path was super slippery, and once we got to the top, the clouds were too thick to see anything, but it was fun to just get out and hike. It was also cool to see my whole area from the top looking down. Next week is a new transfer, so anything could happen, but I hope I stay. I have fallen in love with this city, and I am not ready to leave yet. But it’s all up to God, come what may, and love it! Love you all. Have a great week. Stay beautiful!
LOVE, Elder Bubba Brown
p.s. I don’t have my camera cord because I came straight from the hike, but next week you will get pictures! 🙂

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