The Week!

Sent June 16, 2013

Hello all my peeps in the hood!

How ya’ll doin’ over there across the big blue? Things are going great here in Hong Kong. We have had an awesome week, and have seen many miracles. On Tuesday, I gave a baptismal interview to this investigator for another area. I never realized how spiritual baptismal interviews are, but this one was so powerful. We were able to talk and I was able to find out so much about her life and her conversion in such a short amount of time, plus the spirit was so unbelievably strong. She told an amazing story of how she came to know God was there, and it has impacted me very strongly. I don’t want to give any confidential information out, but she had a hard time when she was younger, and she relied on God for strength because of her friend’s example in doing the same thing. It is amazing the example you have on other people, even when you don’t realize it. I know I was blessed with amazing friends and family that really have helped me to learn to rely on God. She passed and is getting baptized tomorrow, but I think I will always remember this interview.

K– is still doing awesome (which all of you know). We were finding on Saturday night, and I randomly get a text from K– that says, “I found your family, now we get to swap secrets about you.” That is all the text said. Elder Loderup and I were laughing so hard. We finally found out that he found you on Facebook and started messaging you. Then he said, “don’t worry, I was really nice and introduced myself first.”… Oh K–… He is doing good, and will have his baptismal interview at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week. He is awesome, and even came finding with us the one day. He is going to make a great member!

I had a really awesome experience this week, that made me really grateful for following spiritual promptings. When I was back in my last area, I had a strong impression to start reading the Bible. I thought the Bible was super boring, so I ignored it. Then the next day, the Elder’s quorum president challenged me to read the Bible all the way through while on my mission. There was a lot of other promptings too, so I started, and have read almost every day since. There are some parts that really kill me, but I have been diligently studying. Then this week while we were finding, I found a man named S–. We talked for a minute, then he turned to the Bible to start trying to prove our message is wrong. Hong Kong isn’t a very Christian filled society, so we don’t usually run into this kind of thing (and if it does happen, I usually just walk away from it), but on that day, I heard a little voice that told me a scripture that contradicted what he said, so I told him. He looked stumped, then came up with another argument. Again, the voice told me another scripture that I remember reading before. This happened for about 10 minutes, then finally the man went silent. Then those voice in my head said, “testify, then teach him how to ask God for truthfulness.” So I did it, and he remained silent for the rest of the time. We exchanged numbers and left him with a pamphlet of the Restoration, because we had to go to a meeting, but this experience mad me so grateful for many things. 1. promptings of the spirit. 2. spiritual preparation for times of need. 3. the gift of tongues which allowed me to fluently speak to this man in a foreign tongue. It was such a great learning experience for me. We can never deny a spiritual prompting when it comes, you will always regret it, always.

Sister T– is still doing awesome. Her Dad is still against the church, but she is getting stronger and stronger every day. The ward members are getting a lot more involved in her progress, and it is giving her even more strength. It is awesome! She still has a long ways to go, but she is on the right path, prayers are still strongly encouraged.

The ward here is doing awesome. It has been soo long since there was a baptism, that the fire slowly started to die, but the sister missionaries just had a baptism yesterday, there are two on the 30th, and then two more next month, and the ward is starting to go crazy! They are so happy, and the fire is starting to grow like crazy! Members started bringing friends to church, and it is all picking up. Hopefully we can keep it going, and we will do it with God’s help!

Hope you all have a great week. Love you all lots. Stay amazingly awesome! LOVES

Love, Elder Brown


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