Pass jo la!

sent June 23, 2013

This week has been an awesome week for us here in Hong Kong. Last Monday, we went to the Bishop’s house, ate pizza, and taught them the first lesson. It was fun as they pretended to be investigators. I think it really helped them to build even more trust in us teaching people. Hopefully some more referrals will come out of it. Their 3 year old son is so funny. They were pretending to be investigators for the whole night, but then when we started teaching about prophets he started singing the primary song (Adam was a prophet first on that we know…) and then he sang book of Mormon stories when we started teaching about the book of Mormon. Kind of ruined the act, but it made some good laughs.

K– is doing great, every time we see him, he tells me something else about my life (he has inspected my facebook, blog, and anything else that isn’t on private mode) haha. K– is one of my favorite people ever. We are always laughing when we are with him. This week, he also passed his baptismal interview! So he will be getting baptized on the 30th (this Sunday). He is very excited, he was telling EVERYONE at church yesterday about it.

J– is still doing good. He was sick yesterday, so he didn’t come to church, but he has the Priesthood, still reads his scriptures every day, and is getting a calling next week. Who would have thought you could get so much joy out of someone else?

Sister T– is still doing good. Her motivation is slowly dropping for baptism, so we need something to happen fast. We fasted for her yesterday along with some of the ward members, so now it really is in the Lord’s hands. Unintentionally, this week, all of my studies have drifted towards the power of God. Did you know he has SO much power? It’s amazing the things he can do. Most of the time I just want to do things by myself, but it is SO much better when you rely on God. Isn’t it funny how the Lord’s work moves better when you do it the Lord’s way? hmmmm…

This week we were able to visit a less active family! I love teaching families and helping them come back together. We were able to get the Sister L– (mom) to come yesterday to church, and she even brought her cousin from mainland. They are such a great family, and the mom is so nice to us. She is one of those people that you just look at and say, “she is a great mom”. One of those people that everyone considers their mom. She is awesome, now we just need to get the rest of the family!

This week, I tried century egg. It is an egg that supposedly has been buried in the ground for a hundred years. The native person said, “They say it’s a hundred years, but these people aren’t patient enough, it is probably only a few years!” Still, it was pretty weird. It tasted like a normal egg, but it had a rubbery texture.

Well, that is it for the week. Hope you all have had a great week, and this next one will be even better. Love you all!

Love, Elder Brown


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