Happy Hong Kong Day!

{sent on June 30, 2013}

Happy Hong Kong being given back to China day!!!

The first of July is always crazy here. Today we aren’t even aloud to go to most of our area because of protests and marches, but we will get an awesome firework show over the harbor! It’s kind of funny, the people don’t really like this day, but the government tries so hard to make it a positive thing. I don’t mind, as long as I get my awesome firework show (and the crowds of potential investigators waiting for the show to start).

We have had another awesome week here in West Point. K– GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was such an awesome meeting, and he was so happy. He even wrote a song that he sang for his testimony after he was baptized 🙂 I love K–, definitely met him in the pre-earth life. It helps so much when you have a good relationship with the investigators. Not an inappropriate one, but when where they can trust you, and talk openly with you, they are able to progress so much faster and better. The sister missionaries in our ward also had a baptism yesterday, my companion was able to baptize her. The ward is freaking out with excitement, they deserve these baptisms so much. They are always so willing to help us missionaries, and take such good care of us, i am glad I am able to help them.

We had Sister T– invite her parents to the baptism, since they probably don’t understand what baptism is, and that is why they won’t allow her to be baptized. Well, yesterday morning she called us and was pretty upset. She invited her dad to the baptism, and he got REALLY mad and started yelling at her. She said she isn’t allowed to meet with the missionaries any more, or come to church, or have any interaction with the church. She also said she probably wasn’t coming to church that day, and that we would talk about it later. We are seeing her tomorrow, so hopefully we can fix things. How can some families be such sources of support, but some families bring people down. It really is a sad thing.

Weird food of the week: This week we had peppers stuffed with octopus tentacle, rice, and oyster… Kind of weird, but good. I guess that is normal in lots of places, it is just weird for me, a boy from Utah.

I found a new place to go finding this week. The docks where they do all of the importing/exporting stuff here in Hong Kong is open to the public after hours. I love going there at night and finding along the water along the dock, with the glowing city as my background. And as a bonus, you can see the disneyland fireworks going off, it works great as you are teaching the first vision, then fireworks in the background. I love it!

We found a really awesome new investigator this week, his name is B–. He went to UCLA, but then his visa expired and the government wouldn’t let him extend, so he is back in Hong Kong. My companion loves him, because he speaks English, so my companion actually understands whats going on. haha It is perfect, because he is at that phase in his life, where he has no idea what is going on, and he is just really confused. Perfect situation for the gospel to help! We have him scheduled for this week, so I will let you know how he is doing.

Stay awesome family and friends. I love you all!

Love, Elder Brown

p.s. Next week we are going to the temple, so the email will come later next week.


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