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Elder Arrington (Aberdeen missionary) and I at Jumbo!

Elder Wright and I on exchanges.


Party on the boat!

Hello friends and family,

Sorry this email is later than usual. We had an awesome P-day today, so i wasn’t able to get on earlier. Today one of the members from the Aberdeen ward took us on a hike, then he took us to the Jumbo Floating Restaraunt. It is a big restaraunt floating in the middle of the ocean. The inside was super nice, and we were able to take some fun pictures. The member is super nice, and loves the missionaries so much. It was a great P-day.

This week I had the great oportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Wright (from Springville) He goes home in a couple weeks, so I was his last exchange. It was fun being a mandarin missionary for a day. Teaching people from mainland is so different from teaching people from Hong Kong. It was a great experience, and I learned so much (especially about the gift of tongues). It was a great day.

On Wednesday, F– came with us to a member’s house for dinner. It was awesome. There was an awesome message about the Book of Mormon given, and I think it really helped F–, he even came to church yesterday for the first time. F– is one of those people who has more interest in learning facts, than finding out if it is all true, but hopefully the facts will give him more desire to know it is all true.

On Thursday, we had some proselyting planned, so we went outside of the church. The first person I saw, I knew I needed to talk to him. His name is J–. He is super nice, and was willing to come back to the church for a tour. After, we taught him about the Book of Mormon, and prayer, and scheduled a return appointment for this coming week. It’s going to be exciting. He grew up in Canada, so his English is perfect! It makes it a lot easier on me and my companion!

Sister T– is still doing ok. After the strong anti from her dad, her motivation level has dropped a lot. She hasn’t come to church in a long while and she is always like 30 minutes late to her lessons now. I had a pretty intense conversation with her, and told her she needs to take this more seriously if she really wants it. She said she really does and will try harder. Keep her in your prayers.

We have a new family that we just started to teach. ok, we haven’t actually taught them yet, but they came to English class, loved it, and now they are going to come back next week. They are so unbelievably nice. The dad’s name is A–, and the mom is named M–. The kids are E– (she is 7) and H– (He is 3) They are the most adorable things ever. I hope we can start teaching them sometime soon and get them coming to church. Our ward would eat them alive (but in a good way).

Yesterday our investigator, Grandma C–, came to church. She is super funny, even though nobody really understands her. Her biggest desire is to help her grandchildren start coming to church/English class, so hopefully they can start coming this week.

Well. That is that. It was a good week. Love you all. Stay amazing! LOVES!

Love, Elder Brown

Miracles and smiles

Hello my friends and family!

The Pdays after the temple always come so much faster than the rest (maybe because we only have to wait 4 days!) I am so glad to hear that you are all happy, healthy, and enjoying life. Things are going great here in West Point.

Those two little kids were able to get baptized yesterday. I love those two kids. Even though I didn’t teach them, I have been in this ward long enough to see them progress, learn, and gain a testimony of the gospel. I have learned so much from those two little kids it isn’t funny.

I had an awesome experience this week with the spirit. So Sister T– has practically fallen completely away sine the incident with her dad. Actually, we haven’t even met with her for the past couple of weeks. Finally we were able to schedule her. We were wondering what we could possible teach her that would make a difference. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more, but couldn’t think of anything. So we finally just decided to teach the Plan of Salvation. During personal study, I was looking at some random scriptures, and I felt impressed to mark one about prayer. I just thought, "this is stupid, I need to find scriptures about the plan of salvation." But I marked it any ways and then went to the lesson. In the lesson, she opened up so much and expressed everything that was on her mind and heart. Then our fellowshipper shared an experience of when she became converted and was in the same situation as Sister T–. Then she shared how prayer gave her the courage to help her overcome her parents negative thoughts. She put her trust in the Lord and she said everything worked out alright with her parents in the end. So the fellowshipper led the conversation perfectly to the scripture that I had found that morning. So I shared the scripture, bore testimony, and then we let the spirit do the rest. Finally she said, "I really want to come to church… but…[insert longest pause of my life] ok, I will come." I about burst with excitement, joy, gratefulness, and every other good feeling you can possibly describe. It was awesome. I learned to never deny a prompting even if it makes no sense at all. (The scripture was Mosiah 4:20)

We had an awesome night last night. We went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner, and it turned into a little party. He also invited the sister missionaries, and the two kids with their mom. It was one of the most fun nights on my mission. As soon as we walk in, the Brother C– starts playing David Archuleta on the speakers, I look at him and start laughing. I tell him that it probably isn’t allowed. Then he said, "it’s ok, he’s a Mormon". We are started laughing so hard. Then the 15 year old son jumps out from his room and starts singing along at the top of his lungs. The rest of the night was just full of fun laughter and a very awesome spiritual thought. (picture included)

Yesterday, us elders got invited into young womens to give the lesson. Let me tell you this, young womens is so much more interesting than elder’s quorum. 🙂

have a great week, Love you all!

Love Elder Brown

Beautiful friends and family

hello my beautiful friends, family, loved ones:

This week has been a good week. We are currently working with so many less actives, so it is so much fun to help them, and see them find the joy in coming to church again. Last tuesday, we had a very eventful night. We scheduled to meet with J–, but when the time came to teach him we also had a less active show up, and I had to go into ward council because our ward correllator was a little late. Luckily we got everything worked out, and everyone taught, but it was one of those nights where you just go crazy, then go home and pass out. I like those nights.

K– introduced us to his mom this week. She is such a nice lady. They took us out to breakfast, and we were able to get to know them. The mom is just like K–, very happy, always joking, and never stops smiling. I hope we can help her start coming to church. If the whole family could start coming to church together, everything would be so perfect!

I went on splits friday with the stake president’s son. he is going on his mission to LA mandarin speaking. We had such a fun time walking around west point and talking to everyone. It was great, and we were able to talk to so many people. I took him to the docks. The docks in west point go out into the middle of the harbor, and you are surrounded by water the whole time, and you have the big city as a background. I love going there at night time.

So, we have this investigator, his name is F–. He is so awesome. Well, this week we started teaching the plan of salvation to him. I thought the member we got to help would be good, but he needs a little refreshing on his doctrinal knowledge. He started telling F– about the spirit world and he said, "it’s pretty cool, you start here in the telestial kingdom, then when you have faith they move you to the terrestial kingdom, then once you get baptized you get to go to the celestial kingdom and live with God." My face just dropped and I spent the rest of the lesson trying to clear things up. I think F– left that lesson pretty confused… My companion looked at me after and said, "I didn’t understand a lot of what was said, but I don’t think that went too well." I just told him it is probably a good thing that he is a new missionary and doesn’t really speak the language yet, because he might be freaking out if he did.

Yesterday I got to do the baptismal interview for these two little kids (9 and 11 years old). It really reminded me how innocent little kids are. It was so much fun to do their interview. They really do see jesus from a different, more pure point of view. It was a great learning experience for me.

Well, I love you all. You are all amazing. Thanks so much for the support. Much love. Cheers!

Love, Elder Brown

4th of July!

Well, we had a great 4th of July week here in China. We celebrated by singing the star spangled banner in the morning. We were going to go get McDonalds, but i just couldn’t do it.

I read this quote the other day and I love it: “The gratitude of God may come soon… This I know: It will come. It will bless. It will comfort. It will sanctify.” -Thomas S. Monson.

Sometimes, life is hard. Trust me. i have walked a rough path or two that has literally brought me to my knees in tears. But I have been faithful. Being faithful doesn’t mean trails are taken away. Being faithful means God will assist you with love, strength, and comfort when those cold winds blow and all seems hopeless. so when trying times come, don’t give up, keep pushing on in faithfulness. Know that God is on your side. When times get hard, we should hug instead of yell, kiss instead of argue, find the good not the bad in people, and keep our relationships good with those who truly matter most. Then wait for God’s gratitude and blessings to come, because you stayed strong, you was a true disciple of Christ. It will come.

This is K(f)– and K(m)–‘s baptism (K(f)– is the sister missionary’s investigator)

K– is doing awesome. He already has a calling on the stake YSA committee! He is still loving church and doing great! He came out with us yesterday as we tried to find some less actives, and he even asked about him being able to serve a mission! That would be so awesome if K– served (but we do have to wait a year)

Sister T– is still having a rough time with her dad. Please pray for her.

Well, it has been a good week. Thanks for all the love, support, encouragement, and letters. I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Bubba Brown

"Batman" building

The Batman building (if I had to jump off this building like batman did, I would probably poop myself, but I guess I am not batman for a reason)ps. try to count the number of floors this building has

Take 2

Sent June 2, 2013

Hello my friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well. This has been a pretty good week here in Hong Kong.

I don’t remember if I told you about working with W–, one of our new investigators. She is awesome, and a pretty inspiring person. She had a pretty messed up life growing up, and the events that happened made it so she didn’t reach her full potential. Then last week, she saw some kids at a park and started talking to them. She found out that they were all in the same situation she was in. So she has taken them in under her wings and almost every day, she is with these kids helping them enjoy life, and continue doing school work. She has asked us missionaries to help these kids learn english. It is awesome how she is literally saving these 5 kids from so many problems down the line. It just inspires me to work harder at helping everyone else have better lives. It’s funny how at times you don’t know who is the real teacher and who is the real student.

In K–‘s lesson on Tuesday, he was acting really weird. Then as we started following up if he read the Book of Mormon, he showed us an email he received from his uncle who is a pastor. It told him to stay away from the Book of Mormon because it is an evil book, and that it has the “spirit of deception”. Then he placed his Book of Mormon on the table, said, “I need to give this back, and we can’t meet anymore” then slid it over to me. My heart skipped a beat or two and I was saying about 50 prayers at the same time in my head. I asked if we could talk about it for a minute and he agreed. We just talked about it, talked about what the book of Mormon is, and shared our testimonies. The spirit was so strong in that room. Hong Kong is not a quiet place, but for those few moments, there wasn’t a single sound. K– bowed his head, then looked me in the eyes and said, “ok, I will try again.” It was so close, I thought he was a goner, He cam to church and had a good time, so we are still helping him.

Yesterday, President Hawks called me into his office, I walked in, he put his arm around me, then said, “are you ready to do this again?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. So I am training again this week. Second one’s a charm right? I keep telling Elder Leung he was the experiment trainee and now I can take the next one seriously. It is crazy all the changes that are happening, but it will all work out. I keep thinking of the talk, Come what may and love it. It’s perfect motto for life. Love you all, stay amazing! PEACE!

Love Elder Brown