Take 2

Sent June 2, 2013

Hello my friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well. This has been a pretty good week here in Hong Kong.

I don’t remember if I told you about working with W–, one of our new investigators. She is awesome, and a pretty inspiring person. She had a pretty messed up life growing up, and the events that happened made it so she didn’t reach her full potential. Then last week, she saw some kids at a park and started talking to them. She found out that they were all in the same situation she was in. So she has taken them in under her wings and almost every day, she is with these kids helping them enjoy life, and continue doing school work. She has asked us missionaries to help these kids learn english. It is awesome how she is literally saving these 5 kids from so many problems down the line. It just inspires me to work harder at helping everyone else have better lives. It’s funny how at times you don’t know who is the real teacher and who is the real student.

In K–‘s lesson on Tuesday, he was acting really weird. Then as we started following up if he read the Book of Mormon, he showed us an email he received from his uncle who is a pastor. It told him to stay away from the Book of Mormon because it is an evil book, and that it has the “spirit of deception”. Then he placed his Book of Mormon on the table, said, “I need to give this back, and we can’t meet anymore” then slid it over to me. My heart skipped a beat or two and I was saying about 50 prayers at the same time in my head. I asked if we could talk about it for a minute and he agreed. We just talked about it, talked about what the book of Mormon is, and shared our testimonies. The spirit was so strong in that room. Hong Kong is not a quiet place, but for those few moments, there wasn’t a single sound. K– bowed his head, then looked me in the eyes and said, “ok, I will try again.” It was so close, I thought he was a goner, He cam to church and had a good time, so we are still helping him.

Yesterday, President Hawks called me into his office, I walked in, he put his arm around me, then said, “are you ready to do this again?” I knew exactly what he was talking about. So I am training again this week. Second one’s a charm right? I keep telling Elder Leung he was the experiment trainee and now I can take the next one seriously. It is crazy all the changes that are happening, but it will all work out. I keep thinking of the talk, Come what may and love it. It’s perfect motto for life. Love you all, stay amazing! PEACE!

Love Elder Brown


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