Miracles and smiles

Hello my friends and family!

The Pdays after the temple always come so much faster than the rest (maybe because we only have to wait 4 days!) I am so glad to hear that you are all happy, healthy, and enjoying life. Things are going great here in West Point.

Those two little kids were able to get baptized yesterday. I love those two kids. Even though I didn’t teach them, I have been in this ward long enough to see them progress, learn, and gain a testimony of the gospel. I have learned so much from those two little kids it isn’t funny.

I had an awesome experience this week with the spirit. So Sister T– has practically fallen completely away sine the incident with her dad. Actually, we haven’t even met with her for the past couple of weeks. Finally we were able to schedule her. We were wondering what we could possible teach her that would make a difference. We prayed and prayed and prayed some more, but couldn’t think of anything. So we finally just decided to teach the Plan of Salvation. During personal study, I was looking at some random scriptures, and I felt impressed to mark one about prayer. I just thought, "this is stupid, I need to find scriptures about the plan of salvation." But I marked it any ways and then went to the lesson. In the lesson, she opened up so much and expressed everything that was on her mind and heart. Then our fellowshipper shared an experience of when she became converted and was in the same situation as Sister T–. Then she shared how prayer gave her the courage to help her overcome her parents negative thoughts. She put her trust in the Lord and she said everything worked out alright with her parents in the end. So the fellowshipper led the conversation perfectly to the scripture that I had found that morning. So I shared the scripture, bore testimony, and then we let the spirit do the rest. Finally she said, "I really want to come to church… but…[insert longest pause of my life] ok, I will come." I about burst with excitement, joy, gratefulness, and every other good feeling you can possibly describe. It was awesome. I learned to never deny a prompting even if it makes no sense at all. (The scripture was Mosiah 4:20)

We had an awesome night last night. We went to our ward mission leaders house for dinner, and it turned into a little party. He also invited the sister missionaries, and the two kids with their mom. It was one of the most fun nights on my mission. As soon as we walk in, the Brother C– starts playing David Archuleta on the speakers, I look at him and start laughing. I tell him that it probably isn’t allowed. Then he said, "it’s ok, he’s a Mormon". We are started laughing so hard. Then the 15 year old son jumps out from his room and starts singing along at the top of his lungs. The rest of the night was just full of fun laughter and a very awesome spiritual thought. (picture included)

Yesterday, us elders got invited into young womens to give the lesson. Let me tell you this, young womens is so much more interesting than elder’s quorum. 🙂

have a great week, Love you all!

Love Elder Brown


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