Party on the boat!

Hello friends and family,

Sorry this email is later than usual. We had an awesome P-day today, so i wasn’t able to get on earlier. Today one of the members from the Aberdeen ward took us on a hike, then he took us to the Jumbo Floating Restaraunt. It is a big restaraunt floating in the middle of the ocean. The inside was super nice, and we were able to take some fun pictures. The member is super nice, and loves the missionaries so much. It was a great P-day.

This week I had the great oportunity to go on exchanges with Elder Wright (from Springville) He goes home in a couple weeks, so I was his last exchange. It was fun being a mandarin missionary for a day. Teaching people from mainland is so different from teaching people from Hong Kong. It was a great experience, and I learned so much (especially about the gift of tongues). It was a great day.

On Wednesday, F– came with us to a member’s house for dinner. It was awesome. There was an awesome message about the Book of Mormon given, and I think it really helped F–, he even came to church yesterday for the first time. F– is one of those people who has more interest in learning facts, than finding out if it is all true, but hopefully the facts will give him more desire to know it is all true.

On Thursday, we had some proselyting planned, so we went outside of the church. The first person I saw, I knew I needed to talk to him. His name is J–. He is super nice, and was willing to come back to the church for a tour. After, we taught him about the Book of Mormon, and prayer, and scheduled a return appointment for this coming week. It’s going to be exciting. He grew up in Canada, so his English is perfect! It makes it a lot easier on me and my companion!

Sister T– is still doing ok. After the strong anti from her dad, her motivation level has dropped a lot. She hasn’t come to church in a long while and she is always like 30 minutes late to her lessons now. I had a pretty intense conversation with her, and told her she needs to take this more seriously if she really wants it. She said she really does and will try harder. Keep her in your prayers.

We have a new family that we just started to teach. ok, we haven’t actually taught them yet, but they came to English class, loved it, and now they are going to come back next week. They are so unbelievably nice. The dad’s name is A–, and the mom is named M–. The kids are E– (she is 7) and H– (He is 3) They are the most adorable things ever. I hope we can start teaching them sometime soon and get them coming to church. Our ward would eat them alive (but in a good way).

Yesterday our investigator, Grandma C–, came to church. She is super funny, even though nobody really understands her. Her biggest desire is to help her grandchildren start coming to church/English class, so hopefully they can start coming this week.

Well. That is that. It was a good week. Love you all. Stay amazing! LOVES!

Love, Elder Brown


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