Busy Life!

Hello Everyone!

Wow, days are flying by so fast here in Hong Kong. This has been one of the fastest weeks of my entire mission! We have been incredibly busy. In fact, we have been so busy that I haven’t even gone and gotten my drivers license yet!

On monday we drove all over Hong Kong delivering bedding and lots of other stuff. We literally drove to all four corners of Hong Kong. It got really interesting when our GPS died on us and we were stuck trying to navigate the crazy Hong Kong streets without a GPS. Fun stuff. Lets just say we didn’t get home until after 10:30 (which sounds early, but for a missionary, that is very late!)

This week we also helped random missionaries move into new apartments. Taught some amazing recent converts, less actives, and some investigators. Did lots of office work. Planned lots of mainland china baptisms. and we even got a little finding time. In fact, the one time we were less active finding, and somehow, we ended up on a roof of an apartment building. It was pretty cool

We also have had so many people from mainland China wanting to be baptized, so I have been pretty busy trying to get that all worked out. Mainland China is on fire right now, and when it opens up to missionaries, the church is going to explode. (No, this is not a hint saying that mainland china is opening up)

Well, this is all for the week. I have done so much, but I don’t think you all want to hear about a bunch of office work or walking around on the street stories. So I will wrap it up for now. Have a great week. LOVE YOU ALL!

Love, Elder Brown

PS I read Matthew 14 This week. I think everyone can learn some amazing lessons from it 🙂

PPS President Hawks told me my ending date… 🙂 CRAZY


Weekly report!

Hello all!

Hello all my friends and family! How are all of you doing out there? Things are going great here in Hong Kong. We survived transfer week (which is a lot more work than I ever thought), but it was a good week. Busy work is the best kind of work right?

I am uploading a picture of the companions I have had the past week. I love them to death. This picture is at the airport. President and sister Hawk’s van isn’t big enough for all of the missionaries’ luggage, so we get to drive out to the airport and drop their luggage off. So now I have been out to the airport twice this week… take that trunkie thoughts! It is super fun to drive all over Hong Kong, and luckily we have a GPS on our phone, or else we would be completely lost.

Well, email is short today. We have a lot to do today, so hopefully next weeks email will be longer and better. Have a great week, love you all!

Love Elder Brown

Hello from the mission office!

Well, this has been a very interesting week. It started off pretty normal, then Thursday came along. I was just minding my business eating my breakfast, when a call came on the phone. It was a random number, so I didn’t think anything of it. As I started talking to the person on the other end of the line, I soon recognized the voice… PRESIDENT HAWKS!!! Yeah, after a very shocking conversation, he asked me if I would be his new assistant! Crazy huh? So now I live IN the temple and have my own office in the mission headquarters. It is really great, but kind of crazy. I also have to get my driver’s licence so I can start driving on these crazy Chinese streets. It is kind of weird living across the hall from President Hawks, but living in the temple is pretty sweet.

The rest of the week has just been a lot of training and delivering stuff and trying to get work done. Last night we had a fireside for all the missionaries who are ending their missions this week. Both of our translators cancelled last minute, so I got nominated to translate, it was pretty intense, but not too bad. So that is about how my week went, just a lot of training and learning and going crazy a litle. Not a lot to write, but it has been a good week.

My new companion is Elder Jackson. He came toHong Kong with me, so we are already good friends and we get along great. I am also with Elder Macfarlane. He is the old assistant, so he is doing my training. He ends his mission this coming Friday. It feels good to be with missionaries who are accustomed to missionary work, it is completely different from the past 7 months!

Love you all, Stay amazing!

Love, Elder Brown