Can you believe it is already September? Crazy stuff!

It has been an interesting, but oh so good week. Last week we had even more new missionaries come in, so we went to go pick them up from the airport. Their eyes are always so big whenever they get off the plane, it’s like deer in the headlights. It is fun though, they are always so happy to be here and start doing missionary work. It is interesting, one of them actually has a brother who is here in the mission field. They are in the same zone, so that is pretty cool. So we got to do training with them all week, sounds boring, but it was pretty fun.

This week I also started driving… It is so crazy. Driving through the middle of the city is not very fun, especially when everyone is on the wrong side of the road! I am now having to forget all the times mom yelled to me to stop hugging the right side of the road! As I was driving, I decided to switch lanes. You know how you hit the blinker stick as you spin the wheel? Well I did that, but I had forgotten that the blinker stick is also switched to the other side, so my windshield wipers started going. Let me tell you, when you are driving in crazy traffic and you accidentally hit the windshield wipers instead of the blinkers, it scares the poop out of you. I even let out a little yell. My companion was just laughing the whole time. Luckily there were no accidents or tickets, so we are still doing well, I guess we will see.

So the mainland visitor baptisms work like this:
They travel down and we teach them all the lessons in one day. If they have been approved for baptism, then they have an interview and are baptized that same day. If they haven’t been approved, then we send them back up to mainland until they get approved and they wait until they get approved and save up enough money to come back down to Hong Kong. It really is an awesome experience.

Let me tell you about our new investigator I–. He was found in a different area, but then they did a turnover lesson to us. He is so prepared. He even came to church today and loved it, including elders quorum! NOBODY enjoys themselves in elder’s quorum! He was laughing the entire time. And whenever I see other people laugh it makes me laugh, which makes everyone else laugh, so the entire elders quorum was just people laughing. It was great. I haven’t seen someone love church like that in a long time, God’s plan is perfect! I–studied at a science university, and now he does research, he is pretty cool.

Well, that is my amazingly interesting week. This next week should be interesting, President Hawks is going to be gone to the Asia Area mission presidents’ seminar, so it might make things really quite or really crazy, we will wait and see. LOVE YOU ALL

Love, Elder Brown

p.s. I love the car, I am looking forward to driving it when I get home.
p.p.s Thanks for all of the amazing letters I have gotten from you all, they make me so happy!
p.p.s. next week is temple week, so Email will be delayed.


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