The ups and the downs (literally, the downs)

Well, it has been a very, very interesting couple of days since I last wrote. I guess I will just start right into it.

So Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling very good. There has been a slight cold running through the mission, and I caught it. Well, me being an Allred and all, I decided to just "tough it out". So we went finding for a couple of hours. The entire day, I was just out of it and had no energy. Then we taught a lesson, and I just couldn’t focus the entire lesson, luckily I’m not training any more, and my companion knows how to teach lessons. After that lesson, we went to go visit one of our recent converts in the hospital. He fell last week, and isn’t looking too good. He is 83 years old, and a big fall like that takes a big toll. His name is Uncle F–. As we were standing next to his bed talking to him, I started to get really queasy, so I took a couple of steps back from his bed. My vision started to go black, and I knew that I was seconds away from passing out. I took a step towards his bed to steady myself, and my first thought was "say a prayer". The next thing I know, I am waking up on the floor of the hospital surrounded by about 6 nurses yelling at me in Chinese, and my world just spinning around. Poor Uncle F– was yelling from his bed "Mister Brown, Mister Brown, are you alive?!" Luckily I chose the best place in the world to pass out, and they only had to take me down an elevator to get to the emergency room. Supposedly when I passed out, my stomach hit the bed, and it spun me around, so when I hit the floor I went face first, luckily my forehead caught my fall. So I spent the next 6 hours in the emergency room getting blood tests, x-rays, and all that fun stuff. The doctor said he didn’t really know what happened, but we are guessing it was exhaustion/sickness/dehydration/hospital air. So I came home and have been resting for the past couple of days. My head is fine now, and the only sign I have left is a little stuffy nose and a nice little bruise on my stomach. But really, I am perfectly fine now.

Then on Sunday, we had M–‘s baptism. It was such a great meeting, and we had so many ward members come to support him. Our other recent convert A– got to help baptise him, so it felt so good. Everyone just kept saying that Elder Jackson and I were just like two proud parents with our two children! haha I have attached a picture of the four of us. M– even bore a very powerful testimony after the baptism, it was all so perfect.

The rest of the week has just been getting ready for mission tour. This next week we are travelling the mission. It is us assistants, President Hawks, and Elder Wilson of the 70. We even get to go to Macau. I am very excited. We get to give an awesome presentation on training people about the gift of tongues and learning a new language. It is going to be great.

So that has been the past couple of days, nothing too exciting right? haha Love you all, have a great week.

Love, Elder Brown


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