Typhoons, General Authorities, and lots of rain

Hello my friends and family,

This week has been crazy, definitely the most event filled week of my mission. Last Tuesday was the start of our mission tour. It was a leadership meeting for all of the district leaders, zone leaders, and sister training leaders. It was an awesome meeting. Having a general authority and his wife teach you how to be a good leader is awesome. The next day we went up into the new territories. It was a great meeting. I think I took about 10 pages of notes. The next day we went to Wan Chai which is back on the island. I didn’t realize how much I missed that city until I went back. Hearing the same things for the second day lead me to only take about 1 page of notes. The third day was in Kowloon at the mission office. The third time hearing it only gave me about 2 sentences of notes. The fourth time was in Macau, I was translating the whole time, so I didn’t get any notes that time. The meetings were about the Atonement, Fall of Adam, and the Book of Mormon. I learned so much. Not just for the mission but for life, it was so good.

Macau was amazing. We got there friday night and slept at the elder’s apartment. It was cool to come in on the boat and see all the casino lights (even though I see big city lights every day). The next morning we had our meeting, then we ran and got on the boat. The typhoon had already started when we left, so there was a couple big waves, but not anything too big, we still got home in about the same amount of time. Yesterday was a pretty good day. There were still quite a few people that came to church. President Hawks was still in Macau, so we had to keep checking to see if the Typhoon reached a level 8 (which means everyone and everything closes down and missionaries have to stay in their apartment.) The report was that it would switch to an 8 at 5pm, so we decided that we would go out finding with the young men/young women. We only got about an hour into finding when they called us and said to get back to the church. So we made our way back to the church. The wind had really started to pick up. There were points where we just held our umbrellas sideways because of the rain and the wind. My umbrella even broke because of the wind. Luckily President Hawks got back in time. He caught the very last boat back from Macau, so I am glad he was here to control everything. We got everyone inside their apartments in time, and then we just did our studies, then went to bed. Before I went to bed I looked out my window. The road had turned into a little river from the rain, and the wind was still blowing pretty hard. It was a way cool sight. I only got woken up once by the wind, then this morning we all woke up at the normal time. Our apartment had lost all power, but there wasn’t any other damage to other apartments. In fact, there isn’t much damage at all. Hong Kong got pretty lucky, just a lot of trees with missing leaves. So that was my "terrifying" typhoon story. Nothing too bad.

M– got confirmed in church yesterday. It was such a great blessing. He was so happy. The ward is so supportive of him and all is going well.

Love you all!

Elder Brown


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