Family Prayer and German tours

Hello my friends and family:

How are all of you doing? I just hope that things are going well for all of you on the other side of the world! Life is going so great over here in Hong Kong, I just love this place. The weather is starting to get pretty cold (cold for Hong Kong). I think I am starting to become a baby, because comparatively, the weather isn’t TOO cold, but I just freeze my little butt off! Utah might just kick my butt.

We taught the K– family this week, but we decided that we aren’t going to take any excuses with Mrs. K–, so we brought scriptures and pamphlets all in Thai, so she can read along. She was actually very excited to have all that stuff. We taught them the first part of the Plan of Salvation. We helped her, and WL– her son, understand where we come from, and why we are here. The lesson went very well and she understood it so well. Then at the end of the lesson, we invited her to say the prayer, and she did it! She didn’t even try to make an excuse or anything. It was all in Thai, so I didn’t understand what she said, but the spirit was so strong and we were all so happy. They have progressed so much, and very soon they will be going through the temple with their father and they can be sealed together as an eternal family. It is such a miracle from God.

Yesterday, we were also able to give a tour of the temple grounds and the chapel to a couple from Germany. They came to Hong Kong for a business trip, and their employee set up this tour with us. As we were walking around the temple grounds, the talk was all about eternal families. The spirit was so strong, and the couple was very touched. Then we went to the chapel across the street, and showed them a video about temples. By the end of the movie, the lady was crying, she was so touched. Then we gave them a tour of the chapel. A choir was practicing, so we had background music throughout the whole tour. We ended it in front of the giant windows looking towards the temple. The whole evening was so amazing, and there was an impact made on them that will affect them for the rest of their lives. He even said, "We have learned so much, our point of view has been changed." I just wanted to give both of them a big hug and never let go. As we took them back to the train station, we shook their hands and said good bye. Her last words to us were, "we will think of you, and say extra prayers for you during Christmas time." They are a great family, and I hope they accept the gospel one day. The hard part about it, is that we wont really know what happens to them until the next life, I am excited to see how they turn out.

There are some university students who are wanting to do a video project on Mormon missionaries. They have been following us around, and interviewing us and members, it has been pretty fun. They are also filming some other missionaries. Who knows, this report might just become the next big Youtube hit!

Let me tell you about our investigator Brother Y–. He is a crazy old man (about 65 years old). He is so incredibly nice. He is wanting to read the entire book of mormon all the way through before he gets baptised, he is in Helaman 8 right now. He doesn’t like to shower, or do laundry so he is kind of nasty that way, but we are helping him with that and he is improving. I love that crazy old man. We blindfolded Brother Y– and sent him through an obstacle course with our fellowshipper acting as the "holy ghost." It was a great lesson. His reward at the end of the obstacle course was some chocolate and a white shirt that he is only allowed to wear on Sundays. ( the last white shirt we gave him has been worn every day for the past 3 months and has now turned yellow.) He really has progressed so much. The fellowshipper was blown away by how much he has progressed since he started meeting with us.

Well, that is my crazy week. I love you all lots. Hope you all stay amazing!

Love, Elder Brown

the picture is our German friends.


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