The Jade Market

Well, it has been SOOO long since I last wrote to you, so this one will be pretty short, but hopefully still somewhat interesting.

Let me start with the Jade Market. It was so dodgy there. It is just surrounded by homeless people. It is really sad. I felt so bad for all of those people who seem so hopeless. They just sit there with a look of depression on their faces. As we were walking around the jade market, it was really cool to see all of the chinese decorations and jewellery, and lots of antiques. Some of these people have been collecting these things for years. We were looking at this one stand, when a little old chinese man grabbed my arm and dragged me over to his stand. When we got to his stand, he put something in my hand and said $280. I asked what it was and he replied that it was a boar’s tooth. I didn’t really want a boar’s tooth, so I put it back onto his table and started to walk away. well, he grabbed my arm to hold me in place, and placed the boar’s tooth back into my hand and said $200. I decided to stay and talk to that man. We were talking/laughing for about 30 minutes straight. He kept saying, "hey handsome boy, you would look so good with this on your keychain." I finally got down to $80, but I still did not want the boar’s tooth. Finally I told him we had to go, and we went to another part of the market to keep looking. I decided I wanted to buy SOMETHING, but nothing else really had meaning.So I decided I would just go back and buy the boar’s tooth, it has some fun memories to it. When the man saw us walking back towards his booth, he jumped on his feet and yelled down the hall, "handsome boy is coming back!" So I bought a boar’s tooth last pday…

Yesterday was another awesome day in the mission. We went and visited a family in the ward, the Y– family. They are one of the best families in the ward. We were laughing the entire time, and had a great spiritual thought, and ate some amazing food (Sister Y– is one of the best cooks in the entire world, like not joking at all). They are such a great example to me, they are always willing to help us missionaries do whatever we need. Plus, they cooked food for all 6 of the missionaries that serve in our ward. Feeding 6 hungry missionaries is not an easy task!

Yesterday during the sacrament, I tried an experiment. I tried really hard to think about the Savior for the entire time. I usally start thinking about my investigators and if they are having a good time, or my mind wanders to other things, but I tried really hard to focus on him 100%. I didn’t get 100%, my mind wandered still a little bit, but as I tried, I felt the spirit so strongly. I love feeling the spirit. Every time I feel it, it embeds a little deeper into my heart, leaving an eternal impression. It is something I recommend everyone tries doing.

Love, Elder Brown

ps the picture is of the 6 missionaries that serve in our ward.


Transfers, transfers, and even more transfers

Well, this has been a week full of moving missionaries around. But it has also been such a good week. On Wednesday, we had our mission leadership council. It was so good, President Hawks just blew us all away with the spirit. I am so glad I get to work with him, I learn so much every time I talk to him. I also created a language study plan thing, to help the missionaries improve their language (since 80% of the missionaries have been in Hong Kong less than 6 months.) So I presented that at the meeting, and now we are starting it, pretty exciting.

Wednesday, we also helped a missionary who has been in Hong Kong waiting for his visa to go to Australia. So we drove across Hong Kong and got him taken care of. After that, we met with Brother Y–. The lesson went really well. He had a great experience the night before, and couldn’t put the Book of Mormon down, he read 31 chapters! We talked again about baptism. He said he is very cautious about joining a church, because he tried it before, and the church ended up stealing money and doing lots of bad stuff. Well, we helped him resolve his concerns, and he has set a goal to be baptised on December 29. He still has a long ways to go, but we are going to do it!

Thursday, we decided to do some Less Active finding (going and knocking on less active’s doors and try to not get the door slammed on our faces). We did it without any success for a couple of hours, then right before we went home, a man walked up to us. We started talking to him, and found out he is a less active! He was baptized over 30 years ago, but hasn’t been to church in a really long time. He moved to Canada, and when he moved there, he lost all contact with the church. We were able to get his contact info. The Lord provides the miracles if you endure to the end. It’s amazing how God works.

Saturday morning was spent helping more missionaries move. A missionary had to go home unexpectedly, so we had to move missionaries around. Then Sunday night, we had to go pick up some missionaries that end their missions today, then Today we get to drive them home (They are from Hong Kong) so we have been pretty busy driving missionaries around for the transfers. We also have zone conference next week, and President Hawks has put us in charge of most of it, so we have been keeping pretty busy. This coming week should be good though, and we get to go to Macau again! YEAH BABY!

Love, Elder Brown

The German story continues…

Ok, here is some follow up to the German couple from last week. I didn’t > think I would ever hear from them again. It kind of makes you sad. You > develop a love for people, and you want to see them make it to the finish > line, and I thought I was going to miss out. Monday night, as we were > leaving the church to go home, C– the employee was sitting outside > of the gates waiting for us. He wanted to thank us again for giving his > boss a tour. He said that his boss’ wife was up all night thinking about > what we taught. SHE COULDN’T SLEEP! That’s it, she applied it to her life, > and now her path is opening up. I gave him my email address and told him to > email me once they get baptized. I am so grateful for the spirit in times > like these.
> We went and visited the K– family. They made us dinner again, and we had > an amazing lesson. Mrs. K– told us that she didn’t pray after we > committed her to, then after she fell asleep, she had a dream that she was > praying with her son. The spirit was so strong. After, Brother K– pulled > out a big bowl full of durian, the stinky fruit. He said he bought it for > me because I have never tried it. The smell was awful, the taste was ok, > the texture is just down right bad. It tastes like you have an onion, > mango, and a stick of butter and you bite into all of them at the same > time. The texture is like half melted ice cream. It was pretty bad. The > smell stuck to us. The next day it was embedded into our clothes and skin, > so we naturally start spraying cologne to cover it up. The durian smell > went away. Between my American Eagle cologne, and Elder Jackson’s cologne > from Wyoming, we were smelling great. Another missionary walked into our > office and said, “why does it smell like a gay cowboy in here?” We were > dying of laughter.
> We had a great lesson with Brother Y–, and we took a picture with him so > you can put a face to all of the stories. Every time we talk to him about > baptism, he always comes up with weird excuses. This time, it was about the > Jewish people fighting in Palestine or something like that. Finally, our > fellowshipper looked at him and said,”I want you to think about something. > On judgement day when God comes up to you and asks why you didn’t join his > church, do you think he will accept that answer?”… “well, probably not” > was his response. “Well, I think that this will be between you and God. > Forget about how everyone else acts, whether they are judgemental, mean, or > hypocrites, this is just between you and God.” was our fellowshippers > response. It was so powerful. The lesson was great. He really has > progressed so much.
> The other picture us with a University student. He is doing a report on > Mormon missionaries (this is different from last weeks). His name is H–. > He is super awesome. We are hoping he will progress in the gospel. plus, > the interview was kind of fun, we got to talk a bout our backgrounds and > share mission experiences.
> Love you all!
> Love, Elder Brown