The German story continues…

Ok, here is some follow up to the German couple from last week. I didn’t > think I would ever hear from them again. It kind of makes you sad. You > develop a love for people, and you want to see them make it to the finish > line, and I thought I was going to miss out. Monday night, as we were > leaving the church to go home, C– the employee was sitting outside > of the gates waiting for us. He wanted to thank us again for giving his > boss a tour. He said that his boss’ wife was up all night thinking about > what we taught. SHE COULDN’T SLEEP! That’s it, she applied it to her life, > and now her path is opening up. I gave him my email address and told him to > email me once they get baptized. I am so grateful for the spirit in times > like these.
> We went and visited the K– family. They made us dinner again, and we had > an amazing lesson. Mrs. K– told us that she didn’t pray after we > committed her to, then after she fell asleep, she had a dream that she was > praying with her son. The spirit was so strong. After, Brother K– pulled > out a big bowl full of durian, the stinky fruit. He said he bought it for > me because I have never tried it. The smell was awful, the taste was ok, > the texture is just down right bad. It tastes like you have an onion, > mango, and a stick of butter and you bite into all of them at the same > time. The texture is like half melted ice cream. It was pretty bad. The > smell stuck to us. The next day it was embedded into our clothes and skin, > so we naturally start spraying cologne to cover it up. The durian smell > went away. Between my American Eagle cologne, and Elder Jackson’s cologne > from Wyoming, we were smelling great. Another missionary walked into our > office and said, “why does it smell like a gay cowboy in here?” We were > dying of laughter.
> We had a great lesson with Brother Y–, and we took a picture with him so > you can put a face to all of the stories. Every time we talk to him about > baptism, he always comes up with weird excuses. This time, it was about the > Jewish people fighting in Palestine or something like that. Finally, our > fellowshipper looked at him and said,”I want you to think about something. > On judgement day when God comes up to you and asks why you didn’t join his > church, do you think he will accept that answer?”… “well, probably not” > was his response. “Well, I think that this will be between you and God. > Forget about how everyone else acts, whether they are judgemental, mean, or > hypocrites, this is just between you and God.” was our fellowshippers > response. It was so powerful. The lesson was great. He really has > progressed so much.
> The other picture us with a University student. He is doing a report on > Mormon missionaries (this is different from last weeks). His name is H–. > He is super awesome. We are hoping he will progress in the gospel. plus, > the interview was kind of fun, we got to talk a bout our backgrounds and > share mission experiences.
> Love you all!
> Love, Elder Brown


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