Transfers, transfers, and even more transfers

Well, this has been a week full of moving missionaries around. But it has also been such a good week. On Wednesday, we had our mission leadership council. It was so good, President Hawks just blew us all away with the spirit. I am so glad I get to work with him, I learn so much every time I talk to him. I also created a language study plan thing, to help the missionaries improve their language (since 80% of the missionaries have been in Hong Kong less than 6 months.) So I presented that at the meeting, and now we are starting it, pretty exciting.

Wednesday, we also helped a missionary who has been in Hong Kong waiting for his visa to go to Australia. So we drove across Hong Kong and got him taken care of. After that, we met with Brother Y–. The lesson went really well. He had a great experience the night before, and couldn’t put the Book of Mormon down, he read 31 chapters! We talked again about baptism. He said he is very cautious about joining a church, because he tried it before, and the church ended up stealing money and doing lots of bad stuff. Well, we helped him resolve his concerns, and he has set a goal to be baptised on December 29. He still has a long ways to go, but we are going to do it!

Thursday, we decided to do some Less Active finding (going and knocking on less active’s doors and try to not get the door slammed on our faces). We did it without any success for a couple of hours, then right before we went home, a man walked up to us. We started talking to him, and found out he is a less active! He was baptized over 30 years ago, but hasn’t been to church in a really long time. He moved to Canada, and when he moved there, he lost all contact with the church. We were able to get his contact info. The Lord provides the miracles if you endure to the end. It’s amazing how God works.

Saturday morning was spent helping more missionaries move. A missionary had to go home unexpectedly, so we had to move missionaries around. Then Sunday night, we had to go pick up some missionaries that end their missions today, then Today we get to drive them home (They are from Hong Kong) so we have been pretty busy driving missionaries around for the transfers. We also have zone conference next week, and President Hawks has put us in charge of most of it, so we have been keeping pretty busy. This coming week should be good though, and we get to go to Macau again! YEAH BABY!

Love, Elder Brown


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