The Jade Market

Well, it has been SOOO long since I last wrote to you, so this one will be pretty short, but hopefully still somewhat interesting.

Let me start with the Jade Market. It was so dodgy there. It is just surrounded by homeless people. It is really sad. I felt so bad for all of those people who seem so hopeless. They just sit there with a look of depression on their faces. As we were walking around the jade market, it was really cool to see all of the chinese decorations and jewellery, and lots of antiques. Some of these people have been collecting these things for years. We were looking at this one stand, when a little old chinese man grabbed my arm and dragged me over to his stand. When we got to his stand, he put something in my hand and said $280. I asked what it was and he replied that it was a boar’s tooth. I didn’t really want a boar’s tooth, so I put it back onto his table and started to walk away. well, he grabbed my arm to hold me in place, and placed the boar’s tooth back into my hand and said $200. I decided to stay and talk to that man. We were talking/laughing for about 30 minutes straight. He kept saying, "hey handsome boy, you would look so good with this on your keychain." I finally got down to $80, but I still did not want the boar’s tooth. Finally I told him we had to go, and we went to another part of the market to keep looking. I decided I wanted to buy SOMETHING, but nothing else really had meaning.So I decided I would just go back and buy the boar’s tooth, it has some fun memories to it. When the man saw us walking back towards his booth, he jumped on his feet and yelled down the hall, "handsome boy is coming back!" So I bought a boar’s tooth last pday…

Yesterday was another awesome day in the mission. We went and visited a family in the ward, the Y– family. They are one of the best families in the ward. We were laughing the entire time, and had a great spiritual thought, and ate some amazing food (Sister Y– is one of the best cooks in the entire world, like not joking at all). They are such a great example to me, they are always willing to help us missionaries do whatever we need. Plus, they cooked food for all 6 of the missionaries that serve in our ward. Feeding 6 hungry missionaries is not an easy task!

Yesterday during the sacrament, I tried an experiment. I tried really hard to think about the Savior for the entire time. I usally start thinking about my investigators and if they are having a good time, or my mind wanders to other things, but I tried really hard to focus on him 100%. I didn’t get 100%, my mind wandered still a little bit, but as I tried, I felt the spirit so strongly. I love feeling the spirit. Every time I feel it, it embeds a little deeper into my heart, leaving an eternal impression. It is something I recommend everyone tries doing.

Love, Elder Brown

ps the picture is of the 6 missionaries that serve in our ward.


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