Well, it has been another great week here in Hong Kong. Last p-day, we went to the dinosaur museum. It was a lot of fun. It was a little cheesy, but we all had fun looking at the fossils and the statues. Plus, I got to touch fossilized dinosaur poop!

This coming week is transfer week. My companion is going to be leaving the office, so my new companion has been with us getting trained. His name is Elder Matthew Bradley. He is from Ohio. He is one of my favorite people in the entire world, so I am very excited to be with him. I think the only time we stop laughing when we are together is while we are sleeping. It is going to be another great transfer! He was actually companions with Steve Brown in the MTC. I am his fourth companion from the Hobble Creek Stake in Springville, so it is pretty cool. It is going to be a bit of a challenge though, because his mission language is mandarin, but we serve a Cantonese ward, and any meetings we have with local leaders is in Cantonese. God is going to need to help us with this one, but he is already picking up on the language pretty fast considering he has only been learning it for 4 days.

We had a couple of miracles with finding families this week. The first was came after a couple of hours of walking around on the streets. We turn a corner, and there is a family just standing there. There was the mom, dad, and their two year old daughter (who is completely adorable). As we walked around the corner, they turned their daughter around and had her wave at us, so we went over and talked to them. THEY CONTACTED US!!! The mom actually has quite a bit of interest, and we were able to get her phone number. The second miracle family came as we were waiting for an investigator to get to the church for a lesson. There was an activity for a different ward that meets in the same building, so there was a lot of people at the chapel that night. We saw a random couple just walking around looking at the chapel. We decided to go over and talk with them, and they are super awesome. They live pretty close to the church, but have never walked in before. They decided that they wanted to learn a little more, so they just walked in, and we happened to be right there. So we were able to give them a tour of the church, exchange contact information, and send them on their way. Now we just have to pray that these two families don’t get anti’d, that seems to be the trend here in Hong Kong.

We had a member call us this week and tell us about some friend who he wanted to help introduce to the church. So we set up a tour/presentation about our church. When the "few friends" got there, they ended up being about 13 people. So we gave them a tour, and then opened it up for some question and answer sessions. They had so many questions, and it felt good to stand in front of a crowd and teach these people. It made me feel like one of the missionaries in the old times who would preach in front of big crowds. There was a few people who really had sincere interest. I love it when the members help us do the missionary work.

I have attached a story, that talks about trials. There are so many hard things in this live, but God doesn’t take them away. He gave them to us so that we can grow. Instead he gives us strength to overcome those trials, and in the meantime increase our faith, and become better, stronger people.

I love you all! Love, Elder Brown

Ingrid Olsen 12-8-13.pdf


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