Party in the Shatin!

Oh man, what a week it has been. I can’t believe it is already p-day again. And next week is CHRISTMAS!!! Last week we had some new missionaries come into the mission, so we got to spend some time with them. I actually had one of the funniest experiences on my mission. So we were out on the street finding, and a random man came up to us and asked, "which came first, man or woman?" I replied, "man". He paused for a couple of seconds, then asked, "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" I replied, "The chicken of course, God created the animal, not the egg.". He paused for another couple of seconds then asked, "well how did the egg get there?". I was kind of confused by the question, so I asked him to repeat it. I was stumped, (and the new missionary didn’t really know what was going on) so I said the only answer I could think of, "Well, you take a boy chicken and a girl chicken and then they make an egg." We all started laughing really hard. After a couple of minutes of laughing, the man instantly stopped laughing, turned and just walked away. The whole situation was just so awkward, we couldn’t stop laughing even after he walked away. That is the first time I have ever explained the birds and the bees (in chicken form) to anybody, let alone in china/Chinese.

On Friday, we taught a group of people who came down from Mainland China to have a tour of the church. It was super crazy. In the lesson, we had one lady start breaking down and crying because of her family problems, we had another lady who refused to speak cantonse to us, and a mom who was telling us all her daughter’s secrets while she was there in the room. There was way too much female in the room for my companion and I, but we were still able to testify and help them learn more about Jesus. (see attached picture)

Friday night, I went on assistant/zone leader exchanges to Shatin. I was with one of my favorite people in the whole world, Elder Allen. It was also really fun, because it was the same apartment I lived in when I served Tai Wai. Being back there brought so many amazing memories. That was the same apartment I lived in last December, so it was fun to see all the familiar people, feel all the familiar feelings, smell the smells, and take a small trip down memory lane. We were also able to see some amazing success. Even though it was raining the whole time, we were still able to find them a new investigator, and even walk with him for 30 minutes back to the chapel. It was a great experience.

Yesterday we visited Uncle F– at the old folks home. He isn’t doing too good. Please pray for him. He has lost most of his memory, and is in a lot of pain. He thinks it has been 5 years since he had his stroke, not 5 months. We were able to take his home teacher with us, and it was good for him to be there. My heart broke a little as we talked with him and saw the condition he is in.

I don’t want to end on that note, so I will tell you about a miracle we had yesterday. Mrs. K–came to church! She is the investigator that is from Thailand. Miraculously, we happened to have 30 people from Thailand show up to our sacrament meeting. They were able to talk to her in Thai, and share their testimonies in her native tongue, it was such a great miracle.

Love you all. Stay amazing!

Love, Elder Brown


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