(20 NOV 2013) The big Z (zone conferences)

Hello friends and family,

It has been a little while since I last wrote a letter to you. This past week has been completely crazy! We had zone conferences so we got to travel all over the mission again. We did some awesome trainings, and it felt good to be out and about helping people improve. Macau was my favorite of course. Elder Jackson and I ran around during our lunch break to kind of tour around the place. There is a really cool park with waterfalls and caves and ponds by the church, so we took a picture there (see attached). After the Macau conference, we had a little bit of time before our boat left, so we walked around with the Hawks. The day we were in Macau was also the Grand Prix, so they turned the island into a giant race track. We watched the motorcycles racing for a little bit. They go so incredibly fast. I think I would poop myself if you put me on a bike going that fast. We also got to see some of the cars. They are so loud, it sounds like a jet plane is taking off right next to you. It was a pretty cool experience.

We found Uncle F–! Everyone in the ward was pretty worried about Uncle F– (he is the one that fell and ended up in the Hospital). Well, they made him leave the hospital, but he didn’t go home! So everyone has been playing needle in a haystack trying to find an 85 year old Chinese man in a country of 7 million people. Well, we got a random voicemail one night from him. It was him just saying "hello" into the telephone for about 5 minutes. But we got a phone number and we were able to track him back to an old folks home. So he has been found!

On Tuesday, we ran home from our appointment because President Hawks went to pick up a new misisonary from the airport, and Sister Hawks wanted us to come eat dessert with him. When we ran through the door, President Hawks introduced Elder Jackson, but then when it got to me, the new missionary said, "I know all about you Elder Brown." I was like, "How do you know my name? How do you know me?" I was so confused. Well it turns out that he has been a follower of my blog, so for the rest of the time we were with him, he just kept quoting me and sharing my stories. It was really weird, but good to know that someone is reading and learning from my letters.

I ate pig’s feet this week. It was really weird.

I also got to call A– W–. It was fun to talk to him. He is too busy to meet with us missionaries, but he said he would call back when he has time. He was also pretty surprised that I could speak Chinese! YAY!

I had a very rewarding experience this week. As we were sitting in district meeting, a missionary was giving a training (a review of what was learned at zone conference) And she was talking about our inspired leaders President Monson, area presidency, president Hawks, the assistants… Wait, that’s me. I didn’t really realize how much the missionaries looked up to us. I thought of how many prayers were said to prepare for this conference and how many hours are spent praying and discussing the missionaries’ needs. Up until that point, I hadn’t seen myself as "one of the inspired leaders". It just felt really good, and gave me a good boost to keep working hard.

Well, that is my great week. I hope you are all doing awesome, and stay in good health. I pray lots for you all.

LOVE, Elder Brown


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