Christmas miracles!

It has been an amazing Christmas week! So many miracles, excitement, blessings, and happiness! Monday night, we took some ward members Christmas caroling. It was lots of fun, and we had so much success. I even had a random man give me a bag of oranges. As we was running off, he yelled, "THOSE ARE FROM GOD, NOT FROM ME!!!" Everyone was laughing so hard.

Christmas Eve was amazing. We spent all afternoon providing service to some of the missionaries in the mission. It was such a nice experience. We also had a ward Christmas party. It was so good to spend some time with the ward. We also had some less actives come. One of them made the comment, "I’m glad everyone just accepted me back, and now it feels so right." We also had an investigator there. The ward continued to spoil us, and gave us so much food/treats. The holiday season is going to make me fat!

On Christmas day, we delivered all the packages to the missionaries, so they didn’t have to travel all the way to the mission office to pick up their Christmas packages. Those missionaries never looked so excited to see us! As we were driving around, it was interesting to see the Chinese people. They just move on like it is another ordinary day. It is pretty sad, but that is why we are here, to help people learn about the baby Jesus!

We also made lots of cookies and delivered them to some less actives, investigators, and some members. They were all so grateful for them, and it felt good to do even more service on Christmas.

We had some really big miracles happen on Christmas day, we got lots of emails from the mainland representative telling us that more people were coming down for baptism. Before Christmas, we were planning on having 3 baptisms last week. After Christmas, the number jumped up to 8 baptisms. So last week we were pretty busy getting baptisms, missionary lessons, interviews, and everything else ready. It was really fun to see that many people baptised in one week!

So that was my amazing Christmas week. It was so enjoyable. I also got a picture with J-L– (the most adorable 3 year old girl in the world). She sat by me at yesterday’s baptism. She will never take pictures with the missionaries, but she finally did it yesterday! SUCCESS!

Love you all!

Love, Elder Brown


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