short week

Well, it has only been a few days since I sent my last email, but so many amazing things have happened. So many miracles!

Wednesday after we emailed, we were able to go to the temple. I don’t think I have a more favorite place on earth than in that amazing place. I received some very strong revelation, that has helped me so much. I love the feelings, promises, and strength that come from the temple.

Thursday we were able to teach a member referral named Brother L–. He is the husband of the less active that passed away a few weeks ago. He was extremely nice to us and is very interested in learning more about what his wife believed in. We were able to share a very good message. The Relief Society President came with us and was such a great support to him. He is very busy trying to get everything worked out with the government in terms of paperwork and legal stuff for his wife’s death, but we should be able to meet with him soon. Pray hard!

We had an amazing experience happen on Saturday. We had about 45 minutes before we had to go back home, so we decided to go outside and try finding. As we were walking to one of our favorite finding spots, a thought popped into our heads, "Go to Kowloon Tsai Park". Just for your information, I have only been to that park a few times because it is very ineffective. There are just lots of people jogging, and so they don’t want to stop and talk to the two white boys in suits. Well, we decided to follow the spirit and we walked over to the park. We said hi to a few people that were jogging by, but nobody would stop for us, then all of a sudden one of them stopped. He talked to us for like 30 minutes. He is very interested in the church, and the contact went practically perfect! As soon as he walked away, we went over to a corner and said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for leading us to him. It’s all true. The gospel is true.

Yesterday was a good day at church. There was another baptism in our ward. After the baptism, the ward members were giving me a hard time about marrying a chinese person. They even gave me a "Chinese wife cake" to try and seal the deal. I love these members so much. It just feels like a giant family here in Sham Shui Po ward!

LOVE, Elder Brown


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