It’s been a crazy one!

Well, this week hasn’t been the best one on my mission. But I guess everyone has those "bummer" weeks. Rough weeks usually don’t last too long. We were able to see some good miracles though. Last P-day we went with some missionaries to a place called Jojo’s. It is an Indian buffet. The food there is so good. It was also fun to spend some time with some of the missionaries. We are pretty lucky here to have such a small area and be close to all the missionaries.

We had new missionaries come in this week. It is always fun to see them, and to see the excitement they have to be here in the city. Their eyes light up, both with fear and excitement. These missionaries are really good. They will do amazing work here in Hong Kong.

Thursday was transfer day. We spend most of the day trying to drive people around and helping people get where they need to be. The bad part is that it was raining. Every missionary that came into the mission office was completely wet because they couldn’t hold an umbrella because they were carrying their luggage. With the wet and the cold, it made transfer day a bit of a difficulty, but everyone survived, and I didn’t hear of any missionaries getting sick.

Friday morning we woke up very early (4:45) to take the missionaries who were going home to the airport. It was pretty hard to say goodbye to them. These were some of the same missionaries that were in the MTC with me, so it was weird to have them leave.

Because of all the missionaries who left, we had to do a lot of new zone leader training. We got 6 new zone leaders this week, so there was a lot of training that had to happen. (our mission only has 7 zones, so it was a big turn-over). We have some really good leadership here in the mission, and I am excited to see what they will do.

Today I had a very awesome wake-up letter. I got ticketed. I was driving the car the other day and a light switched. It was one of those "slam on the brake or try to get through" situations. I decided it was safer to go through. There was a bright flash and they got our picture. So today I got a ticket… It just made my week a bit better…

It’s funny. I prayed before and told God, "I am going to continue to work hard these last two months. I will take whatever you think is best for me. Trials, miracles, tests, blessings, anything that you think is best for me." Well, he gave me some trials and I am grateful for it. I think tests are a good thing. It is God saying that he thinks we are ready to grow a little more and become a little better. So here is to waiting on the Lord and pushing through! Love you all

Elder Brown


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