The week of never ending miracles

To be completely honest with you all, this week has been great! We have seen so many miracles, and have had great experiences.

The meeting with Elder Holland was just amazing. Everyone is always scared that he is going to go pound on their obedience or pound on the microphone, but the very first thing he said when he stood up was, “I feel that this mission is very obedient. Because of that, I don’t need to spend the next hour lecturing on obedience, instead, I get to teach you.” He then went on to teach about the book of mormon. He also taught about less actives. He talked about the sorrow God feels when he looses one of his sheep. You could just feel the sorrow in his voice as he was talking about it. He then repeated the promise he has made before. He said, there isn’t a single person is this world right now who has strayed too far to be unqualified for Christ’s Atonement. You all can repent. You all can be forgiven. You all can lose the burden of sin and feel the joyous feeling of the gospel that you once enjoyed. It was such a powerful meeting. I add my testimony to Elder Holland’s, that the Atonement is real and anyone can change. Anyone can come back. People in the church aren’t perfect, I am the first to admit that. But the gospel itself is perfect. Christ loves us and wants us to be happy. If we trust him, no matter how “unsure” you may be, it will lead you to happiness.

Tuesday night we had our “sports night” We had a member bring 4 friends! This member is just on fire. She helped us teach them all after, and she boldly bore her testimony in front of them. I love when members aren’t ashamed of their testimony.

Brother Y–g had a big breakthrough this week. Before we got him to agree to keep the word of wisdom for 1 week. This week when we met with him he said, “I kept it for a week, then I really wanted to drink tea so I did it. It was the nastiest tea I have ever drank, and no matter how much I drank, it didn’t help my craving. I now know I need to keep this commandment.” I almost jumped out of my chair and gave the man a hug right there! We were both so excited. He still has a ways to go, but he had such great progress this week.

On Saturday we met with Q–e and gave him a baptismal date. That lesson was really powerful, and the spirit led us so well and resolving his concerns. He agreed to be baptised on March 30. He says he is still unsure of his testimony, but will keep praying and working towards that goal. At the end of the lesson we asked if he was coming to church and he said, “no, I have work. I am just way to busy. Next week for sure.” We couldn’t get him to budge. Finally we just said, “ok, we will pray for you to have a way to come to church tomorrow.” Then we prayed so hard. Yesterday, right before church started, he walked into the chapel. Maybe my faith isn’t great enough, but I was in a bit of shock. After sacrament meeting ended, we ran over to ask him what happened. He said last night right before he went to bed, he opened his computer, and saw that there was an email from the church. As we watched to video that was in the email, he had a feeling that he needed to go to church, so there he was! It was such a great testimony builder to God answering prayers.

This week we were also able to have lots of miracles with mainlanders coming down as visitors (hearing the lessons in one day, then getting baptised and confirmed that night before making the trek back to mainland). At the start of the week, we only had 2 scheduled. Last night, we had the 6th one baptised. It was such a miracle. We have been able to work closely with the one that happened yesterday, so it was a really good feeling to see her get baptised. She is such a nice lady. She will make such an awesome ward member. (I am guessing future young women’s president).

Such a great week.

Love, Elder Brown


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