Zone conferences (#3) and… Elder Holland?

Well, this week I had my last zone conferences. Zone conferences are so great. I love being able to travel all over Hong Kong, interact with all the missionaries, and be uplifted and learn from President and Sister Hawks. The main focus for this zone conference was Joseph Smith’s first vision. It’s an amazing experience, and for every conference, I was reminded of the time when I found out it was true. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ.

I attached a picture of me in Macau. I took a picture in front of one of the street signs. All the signs there are in Portuguese and Chinese. I don’t have Chase’s email, but I wanted him to see it. The other picture is of a Portuguese style house that is on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Macau is such an amazing place, I am glad that I have been able to go there a few times.

Yesterday at church, we had so many miracles happen. In the ward we had over 6 less actives come back, and about 10 investigators there. The ward did awesome and made it all happen. Even though we were incredibly busy this week, God still provided us with miracles.

Last night we had an amazing fireside from Elder Holland to celebrate the church’s 65 anniversary in Hong Kong. It was the most powerful talk I have heard given. He talked about in past dispensations, the saints had to flee from Babylon. Only is this dispensation are we told we need to turn and fight (not with guns and weapons, but with the Priesthood and service). It was just amazing.

Tomorrow we also have a special opportunity to have a missionary meeting with Elder Holland and the other general authorities. I am so excited to meet him tomorrow! It is going to be a very interesting meeting.

Love, Elder Brown


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