Oh if I could count the blessings…


That is about all I can say to describe this week. It was filled with so many amazing miracles.

We went on Zone Leader/Assistant exchanges this past week, and I got to go back to my first area, Chai Wan. It was so amazing to go back. Back then I was so young, inexperienced, and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I could actually talk to people now! It was fun to be back on the island/city. I miss walking along the ocean and trying to stop all the runners.

This week we also had mission leadership council. We have been working with President and Sister Hawks to set a goal. This year is the 65 anniversary of Hong Kong being open for missionary work, so all the wards and stakes are celebrating really big, and we were trying to decide what the mission is going to do. We finally came up with a goal. 65 baptisms in the month of July (the month Hong Kong was dedicated). This many baptisms hasn’t happened in years. In fact, that is almost 3 times the monthly average of baptisms we are currently getting. It is going to take a lot of work, and I am sad that I wont be here to see it, but I am glad that I get to give it a big shoving start! We announced it at mission leadership council, and everyone is on board. It is going to be really hard, and I think everyone knows that, but I have found that the hardest things in life are the things that make you a better person. Trials and challenges are so hard, but if you let it, your testimony grows, you grow as a person, and you are better suited to help those around you. I am not one to ask God to give me more trials, but I have learned that when they come, you just have to make the best of them and try to learn and grow as much as you can. I am so excited to do this!

Brother Y–g is making amazing progress still. He has the information and he has the answers, now he just needs to make a decision (which is the hardest part). He has grown so much since we first started meeting with him. His life is completely different from what it used to be. The bishop also met with him, and was able to get a good idea for his level of progress and also what other needs he has. Our bishop is awesome!

Friday we were coming home from a zone meeting, and as soon as we stepped on the train, we ran into a former investigator. We were able to talk to him and invite him to church. He stopped investigating because he went to study in Australia, but now he is back for a couple of months, so we will be able to meet with him and help him learn more about the gospel while here in Hong Kong.

Saturday was just an amazing day. We were able to have prepared people just placed in our path and we were able to teach so many people. We were also able to teach Q–e and we committed him to coming to more than just 1 hour of church! He is also making such great progress.

Then yesterday. I almost want to cry when I think about it. God just prepared so many of our investigators a way to come to church. They just kept coming and coming. That was amazing, and then after church a member came up and introduced us to her little brother and his friends. The ward is really trusting us, and they are loving the miracles God is providing. I can’t even count or express the number of miracles that were provided yesterday (and this whole week). God really wants the work to move forward, and we have to be ready to be instruments in his hands.

This week was amazing. I pray that God keeps helping us, and even if we don’t see as many miracles, I will count my blessings for the ones I do get.

Love you all, Elder Brown

ps: Next week I am going to the temple, so I wont have P-Day until Wednesday (your Tuesday).


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