Party in the Hong Kong!

Hello all my faithful friends and family!

Hope you all had an amazing week. I know I did. Hong Kong is still doing really good. Once again, we were able to see many miracles and the Lord stretched forth his hand to bless the work. ITS SO GREAT!

We were able to meet so many new people this week. As we were finding we met this awesome man named L–! He is from Mainland China, but is living in Hong Kong for school and work. He is one of the most humble/naive people I have ever met. He goes to another church, but was very interested in the Book of Mormon. We were able to share a little about it, say a prayer right there on the busy street, and then schedule him for last Saturday. Saturday we were able to meet with him, give a tour of the chapel, and answer all his questions about the Book of Mormon. He was just amazing at the message. It was almost like a movie where the person has their mouth open in complete awe!

I went on exchanges with Elder Groesbeck. Lets just say we had a good time.

We also met with K–. He is doing good, and it is good to have him back in Hong Kong. He is so prepared to accept this message. The only problem with the lesson is that he couldn’t stay awake. He was up late partying the night before, and was having a rough time keeping his eyes open. It sounds pretty annoying, but we made the lesson fun. We got up and walked around and used the chapel as a giant object lesson for teaching the Restoration. It made the lesson a lot more interesting, and it kept K– awake.

On Saturday I got one of the best surprises of my entire mission. A couple months ago Elder Jackson and I taught a lady from Mainland named Sister H–. Well, on Saturday she came down as a mainland visitor, was taught all the lessons and then was baptised that night. She was so grateful to us and wouldn’t stop thanking us. We took a picture with her in her baptismal clothes.

We also had a pretty good surprise on Saturday when my good friend Mike Macfarlane came back to visit. I was companions with him for a week as I was being trained to be an assistant. It was so good to see him. He was even nice enough to let me stand next to his wife for the picture. He is so thoughtful…

Well, I don’t have much more time to write about the other great things that are happening. We went to the temple today and it was absolutely amazing. I love the Hong Kong temple so much. It feels like the other temples in Utah, but with a chinese twist. So good. I love you all so much. Hope you have a great week and we will talk in a couple of days! Bye!


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