My mission’s “dog” experience

Hello Everyone, I hope ya’all have had a great weekend.

Ok, everyone has a "dog" experience on their mission, and I got one! We went on exchanges last Thursday. I went to an area called Tuen Mun, in the new territories. We had a really good day of finding and teaching, and then we decided to go visit a potential investigator. That included hiking up a mountain to their house. The whole path up to their house is using stairs. The whole way up, we are walking up these stairs and weaving through the trees and forest. We can hear dogs barking in the distance, but the only dogs we have seen have been behind fences. Finally we turned a corner and stopped. Up a couple of stairs were five dogs just staring at us. I have heard so many stories of missionaries getting chased by dogs in the new territories. The first thought that came to my head was, "oh man, now I have to outrun these dogs down a bunch of stairs. I am going to trip and die and ruin this great exchange." The dogs started growling at us and barking, but they didn’t chase after us. I was pretty scared. We stepped towards them and the backed up a little but barked even more. We continued to walk up the hill with them barking and growling the whole time. We finally got up to the house and the owner came out and calmed the dogs down. Then he let us into his little metal and cement shack and we taught him. He is a very nice man from mainland and was very open to our message. We were also able to meet his son, and his little neighbor even decided to come join us. It was a great ending to a pretty scary experience.

Yesterday we had an awesome stake meeting. It was all the missionaries, ward/branch mission leaders, and all the ward/branch missionaries. The stake presidency did a big training on how we can better work together. There were also trainings about the role of a mission leader and other awesome things. I really hope it helps the wards and missionaries work even closer together! The Sham Shui Po ward really represented, and had so many people show up. They even gave us our own little corner. I love how the work is moving forward. Members are starting to realize their role in missionary work, and the everything is doing great. I look forward to continuing to build up Hong Kong.

Well, the rest of the weekend was full of some little experiences, but nothing too stand out. This will be a short one. Love you all lots! Have a great week.

Elder Brown


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