Beautiful Springtime

Well, things are just going mighty great over here in Hong Kong. The weather is a nice temperature. The mission is seeing many miracles and progressing so much. Everyone just seems happy. Things are going great.

I would say it was one of those weeks where so much happened, but I can’t tell you what I did. We had some mini transfers, apartment closings/openings, my last mission leadership council, zone training meeting, and lots of other fun stuff that doesn’t really make for a good email.

But, I will tell you about an awesome experience I had this week. We had a mainland investigator from Cheng Du come down to hear all the lessons and be baptised. We had some of the mandarin sisters teach her. The only problem is that the rest of the mandarin missionaries had their zone meeting, so we didn’t have anyone to be witnesses, do confirmation, or baptise her. So we scooped together everyone we could find and I got to baptise her using mandarin! It was great, and I didn’t make any mistakes! The gift of tongues is real!

On Saturday we went to visit Brother C– (he is the one that has cancer). He is in the hospital doing treatments, so we went to visit him there. He was so excited to have interactions with people other than nurses. He just talked and talked and talked with us. I just wanted to spend all afternoon in the hospital with him. He is so sincere about the gospel, and he loves his family. He is a great man.

The other picture is after we moved all the furniture from an apartment. There was a big pile of blankets and pillows, and I couldn’t resist. The missionaries I live with call me a child, I just say I am having fun!

I love you all. I will talk to you next week (literally…talk) LOVE YOU


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