The time of our lives

Well… here it is.

This week has been great. We traveled all over Hong Kong moving apartments. It sounds really rough, but it was great to go all over Hong Kong. Being an assistant has given me a great opportunity to see all the parts of Hong Kong. We were able to visit lots of our investigators and have great spiritual opportunities with all of them. My favorite was visiting Brother C– in the hospital. He is almost done with his Chemo treatments, and then he gets to go home! He is still reading the Book of Mormon whenever he has the energy. I really love that man.

On Wednesday we went on exchanges to a place called Yuen Long. It was a day of great finding and great success. The funiest/creepiest thing happened to be while I was there though. I had a random old man walk up to me, stroke my chin, and say, "hey handsome boy". I pulled back really fast and was in complete shock. Then he went in for another stroke, but I covered my face with my Book of Mormon. My companion couldn’t stop laughing. People like the blonde hair…

This weekend we had general conference. It was amazing. I loved every single minute of it. It was interesting that it was my last Sunday in Hong Kong, but it was a very spiritually uplifting last sunday. After the Sunday afternoon session, the ward had a big farewell party for me at the church. They cooked lots of food and there were LOTS of pictures taken. I am really going to miss these people.

Last night we had the My conversion testimony meeting. K–n came to speak for me. It was really good. He did half his talk in Chinese, then the other half in English. I love K-n a lot.

Now we are just wrapping things up, and I am training the new assistant. Things are going great. It really has been a great 2 years. Love you all lots!

Elder Brown


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